Accidental Wet

This is from a couple years ago, I wrote to remind myself of a fun time. Figured I'd share...

I had a fun pee accident last week. We had our two days of spring and I was in a park hanging out with some friends and playing frisbee. We were drinking a little beer, and when anyone had to pee we’d just go behind a tree. I was doing my usual thing of holding it as long as I could and then peeing at the last minute. I went to my tree and unzipped, just barely getting things free before the flood started. I was wearing jeans and some old boxers. Things were a little tight and I had to hold the boxer fly open or I would get them wet. Just as the flood let loose a mosquito bit me on the neck. My reflexes took over and I swatted it, the problem was I used the hand that was holding my boxers open. There was no stopping the flow, and by the time I got the fly open again I had a wet streak down the inside of my thigh almost to my knee. One of my friends was just coming back from his own pee and saw it happen. He laughed so hard that I bet he would have peed his pants if he hadn’t just emptied out. When I was done and zipped up I had about a four inch wet spot on my fly and a wet streak down my leg. I didn’t have a shirt on to hide it, and my friend told everyone what happened anyway. I got some teasing, but it was about how it happened, not the fact that I’d pissed my jeans. We kept playing for another hour or so, it was a real turn on to be running around playing frisbee with my friends in obviously peed in jeans. I took advantage of the situation, and kept refreshing the wet spot a little. I don’t think anyone noticed the extra wetness, but the ***** that popped up every time we sat down did get noticed. The bike ride home was a real turn on, pedaling in the wet jeans stimulated things enough that I had another creamier wet spot on the same leg. By then I had my shirt tied around my waist, so at least nobody teased me about that.
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Holding it until the last possible minute is one of my perverse habits, too!