Wet on an ATV

One of my favorite summer activities is riding my ATV on the trails around my uncles cabin. I discovered an ATV is a great way to enjoy my pants wetting. I discovered it by accident, so to speak, when I was still in high school. By then I was already in to holding my pee and wetting. My uncle took me for ride, he let me use an older ATV and he rode his new one. It was kind of hot, and we were drinking a lot of water. I was enjoying my full bladder, but had no intention off wetting my pants in front of my uncle. It was kind of dusty, so I was following way back try to avoid it as much as I could. I was just about to stop and pee when a deer jumped out in front of me. I was really startled, and slammed on the brakes. It probably wasn’t as close as it seemed, but it scared me. The deer just kept running across the trail and disappeared. You can guess what happened, I’d lost my concentration, and peed my jeans a bunch. I managed to stop it, got off, and barely managed to get my jeans open before I let the rest out. My jeans fly was soaked, and I was wet about 6 inches down one leg. I got back on and caught up to my uncle at the next intersection. He asked if I wanted to stop, I said no and we rode for about a half hour. I was embarrassed; I really didn’t want my uncle to see my wet pants. I kept looking, and was very relieved to see the stain was drying. I realized that the wind was blowing enough to dry it up. When we stopped at a café for lunch it hardly showed. That was the first time I went anywhere in public in pants I’d peed. I year later he let me start riding alone. I started experimenting, and found I could totally pee my jeans, and within an hour or so they would be dry except for the part I was sitting on. I hid that with a long shirt.

I’ve been refining the technique. I’ve found that if I get off when I’m really full, I’ll start peeing almost immediately. That also keeps the wetness from soaking so far up the back. That lets me dry almost completely. I can wet 3 or 4 times in the same jeans. The initial wet look fades pretty quickly in the wind, so even if I meet someone it’s not real obvious that I’ve peed my pants. Sometimes I do a 2 day trip, and camp out. That lets me have an bonus accident or 2 in my sleeping bag in the tent. I’ll also sit around my fire grilling dinner and keep my cutoff jeans nice and damp. Even if someone comes by they can’t see the wetness in the dark and shadows. Brings back some interesting memories! Makes for a great relaxing getaway!

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Its also good if its raining..I used to pee my pants everytime I got caught in the rain riding my bike home from work..Always felt so nice & warm..

Something I've learned as a child; you wet your pants, they will dry rather quickly.