Two Iced Teas, One Teetee

So I was having lunch with friends at a restaurant today and ordered a glass of iced tea. We all chatted away, ordered our lunches, ate our salads, then our entreés. Midway through the meal I ran out of room in my bladder, excused myself, and went to the restroom. I pulled down the pants of my warmup suit and then the exercise shorts underneath and watered the bottom of the urinal. I figured I was good to go the rest of the meal and the trip home.

Back at the table, I ordered another iced tea, which I finished, along with my meal. As we all got up to leave, I thought about going to the restroom again, but I thought I could hold it till I got home -- about a 20-minute trip. Wrong. As I stopped at the first red light on the way home, I noticed that there was a police cruiser behind me, so I stayed close to the speed limit, although I was approaching my bladder limit again, too. I wondered what would happen if the cop stopped me for some reason and I lost control of my pee right there. At last the police car pulled into a school driveway. I sped up.

The further I drove, the more urgent became the need for another ****. I took a highway part of the way home and drove as fast as I safely could to my exit. By this time I knew I was in trouble. I thought about wetting my clothes and the car seat. I thought about aiming my stream onto the floor. Neither alternative appealed to me: I can't drive friends in a car that smells like a urinal. As I turned onto the street just before mine, I was going about 10 MPH over the speed limit and quickly overtook a car going UNDER the speed limit. I was really getting desperate. The driver ahead slowed even further, eventually signaling a right turn. I pulled around him and sped up, feeling even more desperate. I reached my street and stopped to wait for traffic to clear. One car. A second car. Damn!

One block to go. I turned right and soon reached my driveway. I turned in, parked my car, and jumped out. Too late. Hot pee was leaking into my running shorts and warmup pants. I guess that's the reason they call them "warmup pants"! A big spurt escaped. I could see a small damp area on the pants.

I ran up the stairs to the bathroom and pulled down my warmup pants. Hot pee was already spilling into my running shorts. Much of the front of my shorts was a darker black than the rest of the fabric. At least the shorts were black. As I pulled them down, I could see that the compression brief inside the shorts was glistening with fresh pee. I sat down on the toilet and finished peeing there.

I still had to work out. The dark blue warmup suit did not show the spot badly, and was drying quickly. Should I change out of the wet shorts into a clean pair? One problem: no clean shorts. So, I thought, what the hell, the shorts are black, so why not go work out in them? And that's what I did.

Now I'm back from exercising and I need to shower. I'd really like to wet these shorts again, and the warmup pants, too. Pee is a terrible thing to waste, and so is a necessary laundry. Hmmm.

Update: Wearing my warmup suit, running shorts with compression briefs, t-shirt, and socks, I went into my bathroom and filled a laundry basket with all the dark clothes in the hamper for darks. I started the shower. I took off my white socks and put them into the other hamper. I put the laundry basket onto the bath mat right next to the shower stall and stepped into the basket. I stuck my hand under the warm running water and soon I began to pee. I could see pee coming out the bottom of my left pants leg but I didn't feel it so much on my legs. I shifted my weight so that the wet fabric slapped against my left leg. Hot! It felt good all the way down, and my right leg was getting some pee love also.

At last I ran out of urine, so I just stood in the basket on the wet laundry, feeling my peed pants slowly cool. I peeled off my warmup pants and jacket. The pants were soaked, but my running shorts didn't look that wet in the front. I peeled them off, too, and quickly noticed the glistening pee-soaked crotch. There was nothing left to do but step into the shower and wash away the evidence of my naughty pee play.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

It's "naughty" when we have an opportunity to pee but we choose to hold it!