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So Scared I Pissed Myself

When i was little I lived with my abusive uncle. He was scary and often would beat me or scare me so bad that I pissed myself.

When I was seven or eight I had gotten a refirrel at school for acting up on the buss. When I got home he was waiting with a leather belt. He asked me what I had done and i said that I didn't know. He didn't  like that and he started to hit me. I pissed all over myself instantly. Afterward he told my to stand in th corner. I stood there intill I was dry and then he told me to get changed.... Now I **** myself on perpose just to feel scared because I do not livethere anymore.

wellwellwell wellwellwell 18-21 3 Responses Aug 27, 2009

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Glad to know that you are no longer in that situation. He should have been put in jail long ago for child abuse.

Oh, thank you. I moved out when my father noticed that I cringe away from other guys. There are a couple more occasions if you wanted to read them I will post soon. He was messed up on meth that is why he was so creepy.

I have never been able to understand child abuse. If someone doesn't want a child, there are plenty of people out there that do. I hope you are receiving some help to recover.