Lost Control!

During the weekend I was naughty. On saturday I was holding my pee untill i was very very desperate, then i let some out and then i was holding till pee started to leak out. I went to the toilet and involountaty lost it. On sunday I was holdin again but my bladder was getting weaker so i had few leaks in my pants and then ended up jus flooding them as it was too painfull. After that i had to go to toilet often fo the rest of the day. My balddes must have been so weak. I was worried i might pee in bed.... When i woke up at 8am i was so desperate.... But decided to hold it till 10.00. I decided to add 10 min of holding for every leak i made befor that time. I drunk 2 liters of water in that time and was reading the stories....  my desperation was getting worse and worse.... I was not able to sit in one psition anymore... and i leaked 2 spurts just a small one came out one after another... Gosh, its making 10.30 for holding. I started to watch some videos of desperation and teasing and edging and it was just getting worse and worse... I moved myslef ot of bed and put the towel on the floor. I knew im not going to make it till 10.30. I tryed to hold my crotch and wriggling but i was loosing Another leak came out and i could not do anything to stop it. It brougth  bit of relive.... I was standing on the towel and could feel pee dribbling down my legs. Decided to make it more fun and kept my legs apart. I could see drops of my pee coming out from me and dripping on the towel.....It was out of my control. My p*** has been contracting with tiredness. It changed from drops to spurts. I decided to stand up again. Oh such a bad idea.... Big spurts started leaking out i could not control..... But i got there and i was holding, i guess a bit off pressure gone and i was able to contai it.... I got back to my videos for 10 min and then it started agin but this time it was not dribbling it was big uncontrolled stream which no matter how hard i tried to stop i couldnt, so i just give up and let it flow...... goshhh what a pleasure!!!

Now i have to go out and im so worried my bladder is weak i might end up with accident in public....

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

It is a pleasure

If I have an accident because I can't hold it in any longer, I punish myself by drinking more water. After a long hold my muscles also get weaker, so trying to hold the extra water is usually more than I can do. That means another accident and another punishment. It makes for a wet evening.

I'm 63 and I don't dare drink lots of fluid bescause I would DEFINITELY wet!

Pee holding is fun, but be careful not to over do it.<br />