A Little Somethin' From A Book I Am Writing...(not Finished..this Is A Rough Excerpt)

Jake and Katy had just left a beach party with 6 of their best friends. The bonfire with booze, music, and the most amazing view of the ocean was just what the Dr. ordered after a long week. Friday nights were always the best. It usually meant Katy finally got a break from school and her two very protective, and very strict older brothers. Ever since her parents left Savannah,GA for her Daddy's new job in LA Jason and Christian had been in charge. Was it so wrong she wanted to finish her senior year in Savannah? Jake was a good friend of Jason's so Chrisitan was usually lenient about letting her stay at his place on the weekends. Would they ever realize she was almost an adult for Christ's sake??? As Katy sat in the passenger side of Jake's truck she thought about how much she loved that sexy man behind the wheel. He was 21 6'2. and tan with a set of 6 pack abs and dimples that make you weak in the knees. He was wearing ripped jeans and a black tee shirt, his dark hair a mess. Katy in her cut off jean mini skirt and white tank top began to wriggle slightly, she was really regretting that last beer, it always ran straigh thru her. "babe you ok?" Jake asked as he noticed her discomfot "I'm ok, just have to pee kinda bad." Katy said as she slid a bright pink manicured hand between her legs. "Slide on over here next to me and we will take your mind off it ok? we are almost at my place" Katy slid over next to Jake as he wrapped an exquisitely toned arm around her. She nestled her head against his shouder, he placed her hand on his leg and she forgot about her need. A few minutes later, they arrived at Jake's apartment, Jake got out then gripped Katy at the waist and helped her down. That jacked up truck was his pride and joy. He pulled Katy into a kiss hot enough to make the Devil himself break a sweat. Katy would have sworn that electricity raced through her veins. Jake unlocked the door of his apartment and just as Katy was about to make a break for the bathroom (she was really desperate now) Jake grabbed her and pulled her into a long steamy kiss. "Jake-y  I really gotta pee pee." "shhh...in a minute babe, i've been waiting all night to get my hands on you." Let me tell you, When Jake Morgan was kissing you and running his hands through your hair, it was nearly impossible to resist no matter what the reason. As Jake led  Katy into the bedroom she was a mess of need and desperation. She was losing control and wanted Jake to make love to her all at the same time. She helped Jake remove his shirt, running her hands down his scrumptious torso as he removed her's revealing a scrap of lace black bra. Katy tried crossing her legs to keep her pee from escaping as Jake ran his hands down her body and layed her gently on the bed, caressing her big, beautiful, breasts." Jake I gotta go now, I can't hold it....Oh my gosh...Jakey im peeing." Katy said as she started leaking. Jake reached under her skirt and pressed a hand to her damp crotch "It's ok baby...I want you to pee for me." As is Katy had a choice, she began flooding her pale pink panites. Jake slipped his fingers inside her. From the hard legnth pressed against her Katy could tell he was taking great pleasure in her accident. Jake caressed her swollen **** until she violently orgasmed and screamed his name. He tore off what was left of their wet clothes (she managed to wet herself and soak Jake as well) and entered her, as their bodies moved in tandem together, Jake shuddered with pure pleasure. Katy lay wrapped in his big strong arms as they feel asleep together. This would be only the begining of their very hot, very wet, erotic adventures...

Hope you enjoyed! more to come....this is just a rough copy...something i was playing around with!


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Excellent..Wish I was Jake..LOL

Very nice story, rough or not