True Story

I caused myself to have areal accident at work on Thursday.  I just wanted it so bad I guess I made some risky, emotional decisions.  Nature called but I responded by drinking more water.  I got more and more desperate until I was barely winning the challenge to hold it in.  I had an adult brief in my car and went to get it unable to decide if I wanted to use it or not.  While at my car, I had the most intense battle I can ever remember but was able to keep it all in.  When I got to the restroom back in the office I decided NOT to use the brief but rather gather up my things for the day, put them in the car and go for a walk in the neighborhood knowing full well that I'd have an accident somewhere without access to a restroom.  But, as I was gathering my things, I started having severe bladder cramps.  Then it happened!  At first, it was just a little spurt.  The pressure was so bad, I could hardly feel it but nonetheless the tell tale spot appeared below my zipper.  I was in severe panic!  I didn't want it to happen in the office.  Strangers in the mall would be one thing but my co workers?  No way!  I didn't know what to do, it hurt so bad and despite my best efforts, I honestly couldn't hold it back.  Another spurt, only this time longer.  It was almost impossible to stop it.  Again, like  a water balloon, it just came out unexpectedly yet the pressure remained.  I looked down to see a few drops hit the floor.  And a third time, another significant leak escaped me.  Oh my god!  Full panic set in.  I had gone too far and I was in trouble.  The pressure was down and I knew the uncontrollable leaks would subside for a little while.  I was beside myself thought.  The wet spot was about half the size of a piece of paper.   "Oh ****, what have I done?  What if someone walks into my office?  This is really bad!"  I didn't have to fake anything, I was in complete panic mode!  I quickly grabbed the rest of my stuff and threw on my thigh length coat (which only covered some of the spot) and slipped out the side door as discretely as possible.  Thankfully no one saw me but I would have been mortified if they had.  So then I canceled my late appointment and started out for home (20 miles).  About 4 miles from home the cramps returned with a vengeance.  I was able to hold it back ...until about 7 blocks from home.  I was clenching, moaning, throwing my head back and squeezing as if to save my life but without success.  Again, I lost it and several ounces slipped out like squirting water from a garden hose. 

I always thought I could hold it forever but I found out unexpectedly that I have very real limits.  I've never tried so hard NOT to pee and despite my best efforts, I lost control.  It caught me completely off guard.  I've always wanted this to happen but but the one thing holding me back from doing it was a fear that it wouldn't appear truely desperate and I wouldn't look embarassed.  But I found out, holding your pee to the point of accidental leakage causes expressions and mannerisms that you can't control any more than your bladder.  While embarassement may be hard to pull off, desperation is not and really, I don't think the reaction after the accident is as important as I once thought it was as long as you're not smiling.  If I put myself in this situation again, I wont worry about authenticity.

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Wow! I think you should use the adult brief next time!<br />
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tbh, I wouldn't mix work with pleasure. Unless your that guy on EP that has the great boss who buys diapers for the team. :)

Once that first spurt escapes it's impossible to prevent more. I find the struggle to hold it in exciting! I've started to pee my pants at work but managed to get to the toilet before anything really showed. Most of my accidents have been in the car or at home, and every time I've tried so hard not to wet myself!<br />
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Great story!