I Peed Myself In Front Of My Boyfriend

Okay, I was with my boyfriend Kyle and we were at a restaurant when suddenly I have to go. I stand up and i said i would be right back but when i had made it trough the bathroom door all the toilets were in use. I held the pee in a little longer untill i didn't have to go any longer. I came from the bathroom and when i was about to sit down i peed. I peed for about 5 minutes and my pants were all wet and i saw my boyfriend get a ***** because i peed myself so i ditched him at the moment. 5 minutes later i did go to my facebook and then he had told everybody i peed myself.
IHaveAWeakBladder IHaveAWeakBladder
7 Responses Jul 27, 2010

you poor thing. I'd never have betrayed you

Wow! I can't believe he went on FB and told people that you wet your pants! Is not anything sacred any more? Had you wanted the world to know you could have gone on FB and told everyone yourself.

Wow. Peed sitting. That's lovely my friend. You just gave me a hardon


If I were your bf, I would have you sit on my lap and tickle you until you lost control ... then I would kiss you you all over and talk dirty to you while you were flooding my lap ... 8-)

What your boyfriend did was a dumb thing to do.