Public Transportation And Wet Pants

It was my senior year in college and I had to attend a lecture off campus and across town. I didn't have a car so I had to take a bus to get to the lecture hall and back. I had one class before the lecture and the lecture was to be only 45 minutes. So, even though I had to pee a bit when the class ended I went on to the lecture anyway. After all the bus ride was about thirty minutes and that added to the 45 minute lecture didn't seem so long considering my need to pee wasn't what you would call urgent.

Well, the bus was detoured and the lecture took an hour and a half and when I left the lecture my need had become urgent. It was too embarrassing to ask where the bathrooms were so I went straight to the bus stop and waited for the bus. By now I was doing the pee pee dance and before the bus got there I had my legs crossed and I let a little bit of pee out into my stone washed jeans. The relief was gratifying but when I looked down I saw a platter sized dark stain in front of my crotch. My humiliation now exceeded what relief I felt. When I boarded the bus I noticed that the driver and several other passengers looking at me. I was on the verge of tears but I held them back with a little more success than holding my pee.

Still, I felt pretty good until I got to mid-town where I would have to transfer to another bus. And I was again needing to pee.
I waited for the next bus trying to hide my wet pants and trying to hold my swollen bladder. I held my briefcase in front of my crotch and walked around in little circles. I crossed and uncrossed my legs. I did everything I could to be in motion as that seemed the only way I could get relief from my desperation to pee.

Finally, the bus came and I took my desperation act on board. In the privacy of a seat in the back I held my crotch until my stop. I got up to get off at the rear door and while I was waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop I completely lost control and wet my pants, shoes, and socks and left a puddle in the step-well at the door.

When I stepped off the bus I was truly in tears. It was only a short way to my dorm room but I thought that half the occupants of the dorm were along the way watching a grown woman who had wet wet pants like a child.

I had always been afraid to drive a car until that day. I swore then, that I would learn to drive and get a car as soon as possible.

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2 Responses Apr 26, 2012

There is nothing wrong with having accidents occasionally. Many people have them because they are too shy to ask where the restrooms are, or just don't want to use public restrooms. It can be embarrassing at times, but there are plenty of advantages to that kind of mindset. I'm often envious of people who refuse to go in public restrooms, my willpower often falls short. Fortunately I have lived in areas with mostly clean restrooms!

ive lost count of the amount of times ive had an accident on a bus...