Airport Queue

i was going to dubai and my check-in was @ 1 am. i got late so there was a huge line. i was in the mid of that line & wanted to go pee which was impossible there. finally i finished my check-in (it took half hour). when i was going to toilet it was uncontrollable and i pee in front of the door. i was so shamed that i cant describe in words. i took much time in toilet and dried it up (somewhat) using papers.
i dont know weather others saw or noticed it but it was a horrible time for me.

naveedemar naveedemar
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

Airports don't seem to have rest rooms close to the security screening area, probably so you won't duck in there to dispose of something illegal. I've learned not to drink a lot of fluids before flying, which actually isn't healthy, but it avoids desperate situations such as you had.