I Wet Myself When I Was Very Young.

My parents loved good deals. So much so that they would make a fairly long trip every now and then to Value Village to buy the cheap things. They took me, my brother, and sister along because we were much to young to take care of ourselves.

One time, I had to pee. I knew what my parents would say if I told them, something like "well be patient". So I didn't bother asking at first and waited. On the shopping went. I didn't know it was possible to lose control, but it was getting unbearable. I finally told them, and they asked me to be patient. I waited a while longer and reminded them and they asked if I had to go right now. Well I didn't believe so, so I truthfully stated "no" as much as I wanted to shout "YES!!!"

Well I waited longer, and then it happened. It just started coming out. I was frightened and didn't know what to do, so I tried to take off running to find a bathroom. My dad had more sense, so he held me in place to keep from spreading it. My sister kept screaming "He's wetting! He's wetting!" repeatedly, which made the situation that much worse.

We got into the car shortly after, my parents a bit unamused to have their trip cut short. But I hadn't finished wetting earlier in the store. Why should I have? I didn't even think it might happen again. But my bladder was still about full, and the muscle was weak. I couldn't even feel it anymore. But then all of a sudden I was wetting myself  again, in the car.

My mom couldn't get me out on a trip longer than 5 minutes for the next few years.

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Although I was a pee-holder as a kid, I never really wanted to wet myself, but I did have a few "accidents". One I remember was at a birthday party. My mother had reminded me to go to the bathroom before she took me there, but asserting my 10-year old independence I didn't go. My bladder was full early on, but I decided I could hold it until I got home. That was before I drank a couple of sodas. We were horsing around in the back yard and I got knocked down on the ground and suddenly I felt all warm in my pants. Ten-year-olds can be pretty cruel to each other, so I sat in the kitchen away from everybody until my mother came to pick me up. She lectured me all the way home, and then I got it from my dad later. I was glad it was summer and didn't have to face the other kids at school, and it was mostly forgotten by September.

that sounds word-for-word like something I read elsewhere.

This isn't the first time I've posted it somewhere.

I guess it's just a small world then! XD

Given the exclusive nature of our fetish, we are a relatively small group, and we'll bump into each other often. I've been around on the Internet for a while... ;-)

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Cute story


I wet my pants in the car with my wife...I thought I could hold it till home and lost the battle...had a huge accident in her passenger seat. She scolded me like I was 5.

"I thought I could hold it" are Famous Last Words! I've made the same mistake!

I hope so. Such things can really be embarrassing.

haha nice

gosh that's harsh.<br />
<br />
I read your story about the car trip, and my heart was beating fast toward the end. That really brings back memories. I'm glad not everyone is so judgmental toward those of us who have had such experiences.

This happened to me too as a boy. In a mall at Christmas Time. Parents were just like yours, and I always waited until the last minute. Only when I peed, it all came out and while in line at a clothing store. I made a huge puddle and was embarrassed.