It Happens

I can't say I will ever enjoy toilets. Ever since seeing public restrooms and having to clean bathrooms at home I have been absolutely disgusted by them. Although most of the time I use them, every once in a while it just isn't worth my time.
Growing up in school, I was always afraid of asking to use the restrooms because I felt I I needed to go too often or would have to go at not good times so always wet my pants. And I hated asking to use the toilet at friends' houses so wet there as well.
Eventually when I went to middle school, the teachers started a hall pass system. You'd think getting older I'd not do it so much. False. Hall passes made it way worse.
Now that I'm no longer in High School, these problems don't happen anymore. But sometimes, I just am too lazy. Like just a few minutes ago. Its great to just let go.
kf91 kf91
18-21, M
Jan 13, 2013