Leather Pants

I was at a fancy dress party, i was dressed like marylin manson all in leather, all night i had been drinking quite heavily and was constantly back and forth to the toilet.

It was 2am and i had enough so i decided to stagger home walking about a mile down the street but my bladder was starting to get very full, i started to wonder what it would feel like to pee in the tight leather pants i was wearing.

I knew that i loved peeing in my jeans but never experienced it in leather pants, i couldnt hold on much longer so i went to a back street looking around to see if anyone was about, i stood still on the grass verge pretending to phone someone, i sighed releasing my aching bladder.

The oh so familiar feeling of hot pee pouring down my legs felt fantastic, i looked down to my leather pants but couldnt see any wet patch, i was slightly disapointed as i liked a nice pee stain but the feeling was great as my pee gushed down my legs splashing out of the bottoms of my pants.

After i finished i suddenly relised that i had to try and explain this to my wife when she tried to clean them .

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3 Responses Jun 8, 2009

That's great and a fantastic feeling! One evening I flooded my tight black (synthetic) leather pants while sitting in a little restaurant (inside a grocery store) at the table while drinking coffee. It was a fantastic feeling: the pee was filling my pants down to my knees and I thought it's like swimming in pee. I was so horny. It's a real turn-on to have a hard-on in leather pants full of pee, so I ***********! The loss through the fabric was less, so almost all of the pee was inside my pants for up to 30 minutes. Then I peed again...

When I was around 12 - 13 I had a pair of those German short leather shorts called Lederhosen. They were made of thick, shiny black leather and I loved them dearly, as they were very practical and virtually indestructible: a younger cousin of mine wears the very same pair now! I never had many daywetting accidents - although I can recall some really embarrassing ones up to this day - but the German shorts were ideal: they didn't show you had wet your pants! So all you had to do was dry off your legs and move away from the telltale puddle, and you could carry on with 'business as usual'. And when I was wet anyways, I didn't mind wetting the leather shorts again if need arose, which I must admit was a wonderful feeling....

i love to see a man **** himself in what ever hes wearing it turns me on even better if hes sitting down as it runs down in bulge and legs and soaked up my his arse