She Took The Bed!

This was like..3 years ago. My sis left for college so i claimed her room and for a few weeks it was nice..then she came back and told me she was taking the bed. I was mad but it was her bed sooo what could i do? She took the bed and i ended up sleeping in the floor for a damn month!!!
A few weeks into sleeping on the cold floor in my sleeping i woke up and had to pee... no way i was getting up though! It was freezing. I wrapped tighter in my orange sleeping bag and went in the fetal position to warm up and itnore the pressure. After a while it felt more intense and i just...didnt care lol. I ended up peeing in the sleeping bag which felt insanly warm and great in the freezing air!
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

I will have to remember this and try it sometime... Thank you for the idea! You're just full of them, thank you again.

nice story

Nice story, but doesn't your room absolutely stink of pee, the number of times you've peed on the carpet.

nooo i clean it up each time very well

The sleeping bag was just asking for it, anyway.