My Gf Did

After prom we all went out to Forks Island and camped out. Juniors and Seniors did this every year. It was a tradition, and most parents allowed us to go, not always happily. Sex wasn't expected or necessarily usual, but quite a few couples shared sleeping bags, and who knew what went on. Me and my gf didn't plan having sex, but we did plan to have some serious intinate fun in my sleeping bag. As usual, beer just happened to appear, and my gf downed two or three. I didn't drink, because I was afraid I'd get addicted. We slid into the sleeping bag and had an absolutely wonderful time, at the end of which we drifted off to sleep like two spoons in a drawer. It was still dark when I woke up to my gf saying, "O ****." I instantly knew what was wrong, as the sleeping bag was totally soaked. The wet was mostly under her, so she knew it was she who had peed. Fortunately, another girl had done the same thing, so it wasn't so embarrassing, as if she had been alone. Still, the memory was understood to be taboo as a topic of conversation; so, since I can't talk about it, I'll just post it. Here's too you, Helene!
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Jan 20, 2013