Spring Ride

This was one of the best experiences I’ve had, and it isn’t even winter! Normally by May I’ve had to put my snowsuit away for the summer. I still play with it at home sometimes, but its more fun when you’re out in public.

Last weekend my buddy James invited me up to his Dad’s place outside the city to go ATVing. I’ve done it a few times before, and it’s a lot of fun. But on Saturday it was cool and raining, so I called him and asked if we were still going. We were, he said, but told me to bring something warm to wear and preferably waterproof, and he’d be over in ten minutes to pick me up.

When he said warm and waterproof I thought of my snowsuit right away, but I wasn’t sure. It was the middle of May, after all. I ******** naked, and pulled on my full body wetsuit I have for waterskiing. That would take care of the waterproof. It zips only at the back and I enjoy peeing in that suit, too. There’ve been lots of times at the beach that I don’t even make it into the boat before letting loose in my wetsuit. The way it hugs you and holds the pee is amazing. I could just wear my normal clothes on top and then a waterproof jacket. I had my jeans half on when I gave in, and pulled them back off, and grabbed my 1-pc snowsuit out of the closet. I pulled it on. I can tell you, I’m going to do that a few more times next year! The feeling of the nylon lining of the snowsuit sliding over the slippery neoprene hugging my body was electric! I stepped into my rubber boots. Every movement was awesome, as the snowsuit moved against the wetsuit. I looked at myself in the mirror. I loved the feeling, but was chickening out again. It’s May, you know. You’re going out in a snowsuit? Then James pulled up and honked the horn. I grabbed my backpack and ran outside into the rain before I could change my mind. I was scared and elated at the same time. I was wearing my snowsuit, and there was no way to pee without either going in my suit or stripping naked. My wetsuit doesn’t have a zipper in the front. When I hopped in his car he just looked at my suit and said, That should work.

I got to enjoy it a little more on the drive out, since we stopped at a roadside store a half hour from his Dad’s place. Another thing I like is being out in my snowsuit when no one else is. It was way too late now to change my mind, so I hopped out of the car to grab some lunch-to-go and wandered around the store in my snowsuit like it was the most natural thing. I love watching people who are dying to ask, but can’t bring themselves to do it. I also love finding the one or two who watch a little too closely. I think there are a few people out there who like snowsuits. I hadn’t peed yet, but I can tell you, walking around, feeling the snowsuit rub against the neoprene wetsuit, that wasn’t getting old yet. It’s a good thing that wetsuit was hugging my body so tight or I’d have had a massive tent in the front of my snowsuit right there in the store. I grabbed a big coffee as well, to add to the pressure already growing in my bladder.

Once we got to his Dad’s place, James invited me in quickly so he could get his gear. There was no one else home, his Dad was working shiftwork. I followed him into his old room and he handed me a helmet and some gloves off the shelf. Then he looked at me and seemed to think about something. That really isn’t a bad idea, he said, and pulled a 1-pc snowmobile suit out of his closet. I didn’t even know he had one! This thing is bloody warm, though, he said, and then casually ******** off down to his boxers before pulling the snowsuit on. I couldn’t believe it! Watching him pull the snowsuit on over his mostly naked body had me so hot I nearly shot a load right there!

I was also bursting with pee by this point, having not gone when I woke up and now being a few hours and a few coffees into the day. I waited until we were back outside and while he was fuelling the ATVs I stood beside him and let it fly. I still had my erection, and I imagined that he was peeing right there with me in his suit. The hot **** splashed up and around my stomach, and then ran down into the crotch of the wetsuit. It pooled there a little, and then ran down each leg, curling around the back as it found a path through the tight neoprene. My erection was throbbing.

Hang on, I told him, I got to go behind the shed before we take off. I wandered around behind the garden shed, but I didn’t unzip my suit. I just rubbed myself off right there. I didn’t take long either, nylon gloves on nylon snowsuit on wetsuit. I hoped that ecstatic sigh I let loose sounded like pee relief, but in reality he probably didn’t even hear it.

A couple of times while we were riding stopped and James walked over to a tree to relieve himself. I did the same thing, except of course I only pretended to unzip my suit. Every time he did I was hoping the zipper in his suit would jam or something would make him go in his suit. I’ve been dying to share this with someone! But I’m nowhere near brave enough to ask him. Not yet, anyway.

Either way, the two of us out there that day, both in our snowsuits in May, both soaked on the outside from the rain (and me soaked on the inside too!) was pretty much the hottest experience I’ve had a long time.
jac0b jac0b
31-35, M
May 23, 2012