Snow Suit Pee

I used to pee in my snow suit up until I couldn't wear one at 13! My younger brother used to do it too. My mom and dad probably knew we did it on purpose, and gave us a little grief, but none of us really got into trouble for it. The best part is no one can tell from the outside of the suit, and long underwear can hold a lot of pee! At 10 years old, I was at a friends house once, for the day, and we both had snow suits on. I felt the need to go, but I was afraid of what him and his parents would say when I would be called in for lunch. I held it for about 20 minutes more and I was ready to burst. Just then, we were called in by his mom. As we went through the back door I got really nervous about the huge pressure in my bladder. This caused a few really good squirts to come out back to back and I almost couldn't stop it. She was in the mud room and told us to take off our wet boots and socks, and she would help us out if our suits if we needed. I looked at my friend and told him I really needed to pee and was about to have an accident right now. He looked relieved and said me too! I already went a little in my pants! Me too I said. Then he said my mom will be mad if I pee in my suit again. I've been warned, he said. I asked how often he peed and he says always. During this conversation my desperation was more than I could take. I interrupted him with uh-oh and grabbed my crotch. He said no, no, here she comes. His mom entered the room again and asked how we were doing. We said fine. Then she asked me what's wrong honey? I couldn't lie, and said I'm sorry, but I need to pee and I can't get this suit off fast enough. My friend chimed in with me too mom, I'm starting to pee now. She tried to unzip it and it was packed with snow and stuck. As she's trying this I'm shaking and jumping from foot to foot. I was really scared because she was right in front of me, messing with my zipper, and I was starting to lose all control. Then it happened, I was peeing uncontrollably and full force. She heard me peeing into the suit and looked down at my bare feet at a quickly forming puddle. All I could say was Im Sorry, I'm Sorry and I could feel tears running down my face turning bright red! She waited until I finished and hugged me tight, saying it's alright sweety, don't be upset, it happens to your friend here all the time. Like right now, he said. And we looked over at a puddle around his bare feet. We got undressed right there and put everything into the washer. Even though we knew each other since 5, we still giggled being naked in front of each other. His mom returned with clean clothes for us both and we sat in front of the fireplace for lunch. We were even closer after that day. That is the same day I learned he wet his bed every night when we were palying in his room and I noticed a plastic sheet.


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3 Responses Sep 29, 2008

i remeber wetting my snowsuit at my friends place when it was time to come in i wet myself again and was crying and scared cause my friend didn't know that i peed,his mom asked me what's wrong and i told her,she said wait here(i thought she was mad but she wasn't)she came back with 2 black garbage bags and told me to put my clothes in one and step in the other one,and i did she then tied it up at my neck and told me to go upstairs to the bathroom and wait there for my friend to let me out and have a shower while she washed my clothes,the only problem was she tied the bag alittle to tight and i had to hop up stairs and i couldn't rip the bag open it was a thick 5mil bag and i got scared again and peed myself i was 6 years old

OMG! plastic sheets sure brings back memories! My brother and I used to wet the bed, so we had noisy beds for a while :P

okay there are a few comments on here about peeing so at least I can say this is less embarrassing.