Running Errands

So first off, the first thing i did today was get out of bed, reach over, and drink a glass of water. Then i got up, stretched, took off my shorts, and pissed the bed. i proceeded to rub my pussay into the sheets, enjoying the feel of the wetness against my pussay.

I didnt empty fully just then...i decided to go downstairs, and make some toast. While i waited for the toast, i went into the dining room, sat down, and peed right in the chair i was going to be sitting in. It felt sooo good having it run down my legs. Next i went back grabbed my toast, sat down to eat it. Then drank some tea :) A nice biiiiig glass of sweet tea.

I had to get ready to run a bunch of errands today, so i decided to get ready quickly. I threw on a dress, a pair of black panties, and ran out the door. While shopping, i proceeded to let little squirts come out here and there. When i tried on clothes, i sat down on the cushioned benches, let my pee run freely for a couple seconds, then stand up, and walk out.

Soon it was time for my errands to be over, so i drove home, all the while letting just little squirts out here annd there. I didnt fully empty my bladder all day :) I was very proud.

When i got home, i decided the plants needed watering in my house, so i proceeded to go around watering then...not just with water, but some pee too ;) i felt so naughty...and i like the feeling of the leaves tickling my butt.

I threw on some pink sweatpants afterwords and by this time i was very desperate...i still had a fullll bladder, and the little squirts werent helping too much. I started prepping for dinner, then went in the dining room, pulled down my pants and let myself go on the carpet... (i like wetting the carpet and then sitting in it, rubbing my ***** til i cumm) . It felt so good, and if anyone were to ask, i was gonna blame it on the dog.

After dinner, i was getting a bit fuller, so ive been squirting here and there ever since. Walking around, doing hte laundry...etc.
Right now im lying in bed and you can see a cd sized wet spot on my light pink sweats.

It feels so good being wet all day!!

If only i had someone here to sit on and let myself go...
desperatenymfo desperatenymfo
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14 Responses Jul 22, 2010

I would love to be your toilet, wee wee all over me! I'd love you to pee on my bed and sofa too!

I would love to have you sit in my lap and empty yourself all over me.

again yu could pee on me anytime anywhere,not just a physical location,but anywhere on my body in my face so as I could have a drink would be best.

Great story.

very hot .<br />
i liked it when you were in the dressing room chaging clothes you leave your mark so to say <br />
i like to see the wet spot on your pink pj's mmmmmmmmmmm hot baby.

so hot!!!

id love to share that with you!

Would like it if you were to sit on my face then let yourself go.

You can sit on my lap and peee all dy long if you want might just pee just after oyu peed on my lap,it`s always been a fantasy of mine to have a woman pee on me anywhere and everywhere.

Really hot story, you made my panties all tight and sticky!<br />
<br />
Being wet all day sounds wonderful, I'll have to try that sometime just the little squirts like you did, hope to do it in panties and pantyhose.<br />
<br />
Would love to be all femmed and have you sit on Jessica's lap and make us both wet!<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica

OMG u are the perfect woman! HOT F@cking story!!!

i must find you. i would love to be sitting next to u and peeing on u ;)


i'd love to be that one you sit on.....<br />
lovin' your stories yer lilttle nympho