Soaked By Rain On Way to School

I was running to school early one very rainy morning, a girlfriend by my side. Had to cross a large mowed field between grade school and junior high where we were headed.   We got to school and were so wet from the rain, we were sent to the girls lockers to put on our gym suits while our dresses dried.  

I could say that I was very excited from the rain, and worried cause I didn't want to be late for class. but my panties weren't all that wet until I put on my gym bloomers and then used the toilet forgetting to pull them down before peeing.  Wow did they get wet!! Luckily they were a very dark Navy Blue and didn't show.

Much later that day.  They were still damp after gym class when we changed back into our dresses.  I no sooner had my gym clothes put up and my dress on than a chill hit me and I started dribbling and wetting my panties again.  I put the damp gym panty I had just taken off back on over my wet panty to keep from dripping.  That was the first time I did anything like that.  But not the last.

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I used to ride a bike to work,and every time i got caught in a soaking rain, I peed in my jeans Always felt so good, and exciting to do something so naughty and get away with it..LOL

cool storie

The gym clothes would be considered a gym uniform. The tunic, was kinda like a mini dress and the briefs, or panties, were part of the gym uniform so yes, they matched. We were lucky, I've seen many gym slips that had the briefs built in.<br />
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In High School, no uniforms, but I had a tennis outfit and my cheer coach outfit. We supplied our own tennis outfits but tennis briefs were not required so it was common to see lots of different colored panties under those skirts.

thanks, I was asking both! great story, interesting that you had to have matching underwear, probably wouldn't get away with such a rule these days!

That would have been my first year of Junior High. we didn't have school uniforms, but we did have those awful green tunic and matching briefs. At that time, in the schools in that town, girls wore skirts or dresses to school and boys wore slacks, bluejeans were not allowed. Lots of stuff has changed since then.<br />
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Nemesislusch wore uniforms. Maybe she can tell us. Or were you asking her? I got a headache now.

what was your school uniform like?

i wish i didnt have to hide it from my friends and parents :( i find myself peeing in my closet alot and this old bathrrom wich we dont use i pee in the bathtub i wish i could pee without anyone yelling at me...i will never make my kids use a toilet when i have them!!!

Rachael, sheluvs and mayrep, you have outdone yourselves here! This has *got* to be one of the best threads ever...on *any* site! Thanks!

Here's another one that you reminded me of Rachael. SOmetimes I get into too much of a hurry when i'm desperate to pee. Just this week I rushed into the bathroom and thought that I pulled my pants and panties down at the same time. Well, I peed right away as I was sitting down on the toilet. It felt soo good to pee finally, but it started to feel funny, nice, but funny. I was peeing through my panties, I never took them off. I just blotted them with TP and went back to class. No biggie, used to being wet. <br />
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Sometimes I do it for fun, lol. funny to watch girls if you sit down to pee in a skirt without pulling your panties down. Even better if a guy sees u! He can only wonder whats goin on. I'd rather do that if a guy is around, like in an emergency pee, that to actually pull them down and show the world, THEN to pee infront of someone.<br />
Yea, panties are wet then and nothing to dry, but they eventaully do anyway.thanks!<br />

i hear ya rachel. I always have a spare pair too! i never minded getting wet in the rain, and have learned thats a perfect time to pee. no one ever knows if u do it right!<br />
I remember one time in school, waiting for the bus it started raining. A frind and I were playing around and she accidently pushed me. I fell in a puddle. My bum and pants were all wet. I often hafta pee anyway when I'm in the rain, something with water and the sound... anyway, i sat there frustrated that i got wet, but then felt like i hadda pee. I just decided that since i was already wet I could just pee sitting there. I did, no one ever knew!! Oh, they made fun of my wet pants, but this time, no one made fun of my peed pants!!<br />
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from then on I learned how important puddles can be or how easy it is to "fall" and sit in teh snow or slush in an emergancy.<br />
Love to hear more of your stories Rachael! maybe u can e-mail he to me,

Oh My! Whew! You really know how to write! You know I would have just quietly finished peeing standing there in the rain, The rain was a perfect excuse for me to be wet and I took advantage of it every time. Trying to dab my panties dry, well, yes, I've done that, I have also washed them out in the sink when it was too early in the day or my pee had a real strong odor. I never went without though, in later years at school, I always carried spares. IF not, then I'd wear them wet.

When I was a teen I had a wetting problem, If I was careful I could manage the situation without embarrassing myself by timely visits to the bathroom. But, as a lot of teenagers are wont to do, I could get careless and "miss" on occasion. Your story about the rain triggered the memory of one of those times.<br />
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I'm pretty sure I was in 10th grade which would've made me around 16. There was a field trip to the local newspaper where we saw how it was printed. We were late in returning and I should've made a bathroom visit just before we left but the teacher was urging us all to hurry and to get on the bus. On the way back it started to rain. The parking lot at school wasn't all that big and when school was to let out a lot of parents would come to pick their kids up and fill it up. When the bus went to pull in there wasn't enough room so we had to get out at the curb. Then we had to run through the rain to get into the school to be officially dismissed. One of the boys tripped and fell and everybody started laughing at him lying there all wet in the rain. Even though it was pouring we just stood there, getting wet, and laughing at him playing the fool. All of a sudden I felt something warm on my inner thighs. <br />
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Normally, when my bladder would exceed it's capacity, I'd dribble a bit and then have maybe up to a minute to get to a toilet. But, when my bladder was full (or almost full) and I'd get to laughing, I'd leak... a lot! It usually wasn't everything but it was more than a dribble... and enough to make my panties pretty wet. I got inside without going any more and relieved myself on a toilet. But now the question was what to do. I had an after school meeting to attend. If I was to skip it and go home I knew I'd have to walk in the rain as I'd already missed my bus. So, I patted the crotch of my panties as dry as I could with toilet paper and headed for my meeting. I remember standing for the whole thing and just knew that everybody knew why.<br />
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No one ever said anything directly to me but it still was embarrassing.