In the Bookshop

I'm a 19 year old girl, I'm a student but I work evenings and weekends in an upper-class bookshop in centre ville.

I've always ben into peeing, and this particular night i was working the standard 6-10 evening shift, no one working with me, I couldn't leave the shop unattended so basically, no bathroom breaks. Around 7 I started to feel the urge to pee, I wasn't worried as I have a steel bladder, I like the feeling of having to pee, but I knew it would gradually become uncomfortable and annoying. I guess I was feeling a little horny and naughty because I decided to use this as an opportunity, I was wearing a black skirt and thick pantyhose and I knew I could probably get away with peeing myself without it being visible. I had plenty of water that evening and when it was 9:45 i was bursting.

The store was rather quiet, only 4 or 5 people, all seemed to be just looking, not wanting to buy anything. I walked over to a table with nice armchairs where customers can sit down and read. I took a random book from a shelve and sat down in a soft green armchair and pretended to read. Sneakily I moved the shirt from under my *** so it wouldn't get soaked, then I slowly relaxed my bladder and started to pee in the seat. I was thrilled, my ***** was tingling, I was so horny... Sitting there I looked up from the book and looked over the shop, looking one or two customers in the eye, all the time with a stream of warm pee coming from my *****, soaking my panties and pantyhose, into the chair. It felt amazing, felt the warmth on my ***** and to my ***, the relief of releasing my ****, the thrill of doing something so dirty in an expensive armchair. When my stream died down i sat there for a second and enjoyed the wet warm feeling, then got up and went into the back office and played with myself. I barely had to touch my ***** and came in less than 10 seconds.

The whole experience was so arousing I played several times after work thinking of it, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever done.


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Fantastic story. :)<br />
Do you wet in public often, or was this a completely unique experience for you?

chair peeing is my favorite. sooo sexy!

Oh wow - that is sooo sexy :)


NICE!!! To bad i wasn;t there after you got up i would have sat right that same chair. god i love it when women pee sitting down it so hot. <br />
<br />
<br />
thank you for that story

that is sooooo sexy! please post more of your adventures!

Love it! Being sneaky is the BEST... so nice that you had an office to play in later!

Wish I'd been your chair....

I have wet just like that many times while out shopping. I usually sit on one of those raised flower beds, so my pee goes into the ground. Once or thrice I have sat on a seat like that and let the seat absorb my wetting. Such a thrill to sit there freely peeing in my panties, and sometimes through my skirt too, and no one around me being aware.

Oh how awesome. Thanks for sharing.