Acident In School Toilets

I was pretty pee shy in school. I never asked to go like ever, so I'd often have to run after class to make it on time. This story was in my pshce class in yr ten and it was the first time I ever had to ask for the whole of high school. I can't remember anything that was different about the day like waking up late ect, I just remember being sooooooooo desperate to pee it was unreal. I hadn't been since the morning and it was the last lesson of the day. I remember looking at the clock and thinkin there was only fifteen minutes left and then thinkin I couldn't hold it that long! We were using computers so no one was paying too much attention to me so I grabbed my crotch a couple times and when your doin that in front of your class you know your desperate!! I waited til my teacher was coming around and then asked him if I could go. I asked him queietly because like I said I'm a bit pee shy but my friend overhead and commented that she had never heard me ask that before. I just smiled at her and then walked out of the room as normally as I could. The nearest toilets were gross but I was so bursting and it was all i could manaege not to run! When I got in the toilets though there was a girl in there crying and her friend comfoting her and even though I went into the cubilce I couldnt pee because I was so self conscious! It was sooo bad I was completly bursting and couldnt go :( I didnt think id have time to go to a different toilet and get back to class because my teacher would think id skived and i couldnt stay in the toilet for much longer or the girls outside would think I was a freak. Then 2 things happened at once. Someone ran a tap and someone came in to pee. I swear this person was the loudest pee-er of all time! The noise made me grab myeslf (I was still in the cubicle but stood up to leave) and I tried to get my knickers down but it just started gushing out of me. I sat on the toilet to reduse the damage but the floor and my skirt were really wet and my knickers were soaking. Lucky it was the end of the day and I didnt have to go back to class for much longer :)
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And it felt WONDERFUL to be wet, right!? I empathise! ;-P

Wonderful feeling! Lucky you! ;-P

I would like to be in your circle, I cant wait to watch a X video

There we no **** in this story. The picture implied ****.


always wanted that to happen to me!

has anybody caught you in that skirt and ... ?

hum<br />
lovely story <br />
don't be shy enjoy it <br />
have fun <br />

i have read your stoty soo many times and its allways a good read

i used to be like you im 11 and i just got my period i hate taking the raper of my pad eeeek!

Please don't worry about things like that. It's a part of life for every woman.