Everyday I hear the same thing, all the time... "Pearce. Do you need changing?" or "Pearce, Have you wee-wee'd yourself?" or sometimes if my teachers know i'm wearing a pull-up, i get "Pearce, do you need to use the potty?" Although, i'm 16. All my teachers, and most of my friends know I wear nappies. So I still get the same questions. I remember one day. I went through a phase when I was 14. My parents decided it was time to try and potty train me. I remember, waking up on morning, in a wet nappy. and my mummy shouted "Thats IT, I've had enough!" and she came into my room, and told me today was the day i'd start my potty training. She had bought me some pull-up pants. and some normal big-boy pants, even though they were pink... She took my nappy off from the night before, and sent me into the bathroom for a shower. I skipped in there, and had a shower. and got dry. I heard my mummy shout "Make sure you put a pull-up on for school!" Even though i'd heard her, I still decided to be adventurous. and I put a pair of big-boy pants on instead. I thought to myself over, and over. "I won't wet my pants today" and I finished getting dressed. My mummy shouted me, and I went with her to the car. I put some pull-ups in my school bag along with the normal things I take. My mummy said to me, "today we try potty training... Everynight, I'll fill a chart in. and i'll get your teacher to fill a diary. 2 full weeks, day and night with no accidents. You can kiss you nappies and pull-ups and baby things goodbye"... I was happy to hear this, however it didn't go like that." Once I was at school. I'd made it till about 11 o'clock, and I didn't feel it, but I heard my teacher screech out "Pearce, Go to the toilets. NOW!" and I looked down to see my making a puddle on the floor... I've had many more schooling accidents. Please message me for more details.
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I wet myself at school all the time. I hide it pretty good, most times.

how do you hide it?

I wear long shirts, hangin-out over my jeans. I pee myself when I'm sitting down. I make sure I'm not sitting on the back of my shirt when I'm peeing. When I get up, my shirt covers my wet crotch and my wet ***. I pee my pants in study hall, at lunch, on the bus, or at the library (somewhere without assigned seats) so teachers can't tell who made the puddle.

Most of the time I just go in my pants. I love the way it feels. Sometimes I wear a diaper. That feels great too, but I don't change it at school. I wear it until I get home, then I change it. I wet my pants a lot in PE. Also on th way to and from school