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My Friend Does, Too

I work with Scotty on my summer landscaping job. We eat our lunch together. We both wet our pants while we sit there and eat, every day. All of us guys on the crew wet our pants, actually. Our first day working together, we sat on a rock wall that was close to eat our lunch. I sat down first, and just started to wet my shorts right away. Scotty came over and sat beside me, and he did the same thing. Our pee ran down the wall and made puddles, and our puddles soon joined into one big puddle, and we laughed about that. Scotty asked me if I only wet my pants here, or if I go more often. I told him I do it all the time. Scotty said he did, too. He asked me if I ever wet my pants at school. When I told him I do that a lot, he smiled and said he just started to do it at school this year, and now he does it all the time. Scotty goes to college, he just finished his first year. He told me that him and Mark, his roommate basically stopped using the bathroom exept to shower. Their room is way at the end of the all, a long way from the boys room. Scotty told me that the first night there, he realized he had to pee very soon after he went to bed. He tried to hold it, but he had to go too bad and it kept him awake. When Mark asked him what was wrong, why was he so restless and Scotty told him, Mark said he had to pee, too, but the boys room was too far away and he didn't want to get out of bed and go that far just to pee. Scotty said he asked Mark why they didn't just go in their beds, then they could go to sleep. Scotty told Mark he wouldn't tell on Mark, if Mark wouldn't tell on him. So they both wet their beds that night. When they woke up, they both just left their beds open to dry. Mark said that worked out pretty good, and they should just do that every night. If the beds dried OK, they could just change the beds on Saturday when they'd be going to do their laundry anyway. Scotty said him and Mark wet their beds every night ever since. About half way through the year, they both realized they weren't waking up when they wet their beds, they were just going in their sleep cause they were so used to it.

Scotty said that, a couple of days after they started wetting their beds every night, they were hanging-out in the room one afternoon and they both had to use the bathroom. Scotty said he told Mark that it worked at night, why couldn't they just both go in their pants when they were in their room, and not have to go all the way down the hall. Scotty had a big beach towel that he was using for a rug by his bed. He said he folded it and told Mark, this can be our pee towel. We can just stand on it and go in our pants, then just hang it over here to dry until next time and we'll wash it when we wash our sheet. Scotty said him and Mark both stared to do that, whenever they were in their room. They both found out that when they left the room in their wet pants, nobody really cared, so they both started to just wet their pants whenever they had to go, whether they were in their room or in class, or anywhere else. Scotty said their friends would tease them a little, and they got nicknames of the peepants twins, but nobody really cared. Scotty told me that he was the first one to poop in his pants, in the room. It was the same day they decided to start wetting their pants, and Scotty realized he had to poop. Again, he didn't see why he should walk all the way down the hall just to poop, so he did it in his pants while he wet them. Scotty told Mark what he was doing, and Mark said he had to go, too, so he pooped in his pants too. They both decided that if it smelled too bad, they'd just put their poopy underpants in the hamper and put on a fresh pair, and not try to clean up till that night when they took their shower. Mark got some air fresheners later that afternoon and taped them to the top of the hamper, inside, so it wouldn't stink till they did their laundry on the weekend. Sometimes when they pooped their pants, they discovered that it didn't smell too bad, so they just wore their poopy underpants till their shower.
Scotty said that him and Mark got so used to peeing and pooping their pants that they both started to just do it wherever they were. After a couple of weeks, they both started having real accidents in their pants. They were standing in the lunch line one day, when Mark told Scotty "I think I just pooped my pants, and I didn' even try, It's just, wow, I've got a load in my pants". Scotty says he started having peeing accidents first, but not long after Mark, he started to poo in his pants by accident, too.
They both decided when semester break came and they went home, that they would try to stop so their parents wouldn't freak. Scotty said it was pretty much the same thing for both of them, though, a disaster. Neither of them could stop wetting the bed. They both did it every night that they were home. Mark peed his pants in the car on the way home. He peed and pood his pants every day. Scotty says he didn't wet his pants in the car, but as soon as they got home and he started to help his dad unpack the car, he peed and pood his pants right in front of his dad. Scotty said that after that, he didn't even try to stop. He just went in his pants all the time, just like at school. Both their parents reacted the same way. They both came back to school wearing depends for underwear. Since then, whenever they both go home, their parents make them wear diapers all the time. Scotty said he doesn't wear them here to work, and he knows his parents will give him a hard time when they see his wet, messy underpants, but he likes just being able to go in his pants without wearing a diaper. He can't wait to go back to school and go in his underpants all the time again. When he texted Mark, Mark said the same thing. They're going to be roommates again this fall.

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this made wet >~

Very hot story.

Longest story ever

Great story! Thank you for sharing! :)

love your story,iwet my pants as often as i can ,but you beat me,nice and wet.

Kewl story