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Mhm I have :( it was the most embarrassing thing ever I couldn't believe I did it was in the middle of class I stood up to ask if i could use the restroom and it all just started pouring into my jeans D:
maureenkay18 maureenkay18 18-21, F 7 Responses Jul 8, 2012

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how bad did you wet

Bzzzzzzz give how it happened read my stories there longer

Wow that moment probably will stay with you forever.

It will D:

LOL Im sure it was. so did you leave and go change or just have a big wet spot all day

I changed into my gym shorts had to go commando the rest of the day but I was dry

Blush, never did that, but was playing ping pong in the dining hall at church camp once waiting for the line to get shorter, (I always like to eat last where I can get scraps) the place was packed. The ball took a bad bounce & went under the table. I squatted down to retrieve it & my pantss split from the crotch to the waist band. Good thing I had on new tidy whities

Yikes. So how do you feel about it now.

Embarrassed D:

Lol I did that to and can you be in my story I just need your name I'll give you mine "Alex"