At Summer School

so i was at summer school and that morning i had a large cup of breakfast essentials like i always do i then went to summer school went to the computer lab i always go to ( the summer school programs) after a half hour i had a small urge to pee i asked the teacher and she said yes i go turn the knob on the bathroom door and hit it, it was locked i didn't care really it wasn't an emergency so i went back i held it for a nother hour and a halfish we only had half an hour to go i was jumpinging a little in my seat with one of my hands in one of my pockets but i left the other on the computer mousei held it for as long as possible i made it untill 11:50 and was thinking to my self "i'm gonna make it just ten more minutes but in about two minutes it just came out i could n't stopit untill about half way then everyone got ready to leave i just kept studying i started to pack up when there where only two people there i then packed up i got up and since i was wearing nylon shorts it wasn't that obvious it didn't even get my chair that wet and my shirt was so dry i then left got picked up. and it is bad enough to be in summer school but to wet your pants there horible at least no one noticed.
skull55 skull55 16-17, M 1 Response Aug 2, 2012

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has it ever happened again

at summer school no

tell me about that


it turns me on and makes me want to wet myself

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