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First Day As A Senior

Yesterday was my first day back to school as a senior. I decided not to wear a diaper today. I figured I'd just go in my pants when I needed to, just like I've been doing all summer. I got to see my friends Chris, Derek and Bobby before class. While we were standing there, in front of the school, I just started peeing in my jeans. It was running down my leg pretty fast before I really realized I was doing it. I was wearing my new jeans which aren't faded yet, so it didn't show a lot, but the guys could see it pouring out over my sneakers and making a puddle. Chris, Derek and Bobby have all peed in their pants with me before, so I didn't really care about them seeing me wet my pants in front of them. I wasn't really surprised that all three of them started peeing their pants too, when they saw what I was doing. Bobby's jeans were pretty faded, and Chris was in his white jeans, so it showed more when they did it, but they didn't care any more than I die. Derek wore his red soccer shorts, and the pee just poured out the bottom of them, but it didn't show a lot when he was finished. It must be what the shorts are made out of. I told the guys I was going to stay wet my whole senior year. Bobby said we should do it in front of the freshmen and just act normal, and see if any of them start to do it too. We all agreed and we agreed to always go in our pants at school this year, and never use the boys room. I told them I would probably poop in my pants a lot this year, and they all said they would, too. In fact, Chris went in his pants right then, before we all went to class. I pood my pants a little later, just before lunch. Senior year is going to be pretty fun.
briandiaperlover briandiaperlover 18-21, M 7 Responses Sep 6, 2012

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I agree with jellybeanz72 are you like 5 years old? This is absolutely disgusting and childish.

You need to grow up and start acting your age.

******* hot!<br />
I wish that I could go to class together with you and your friends...

Not much, really. Once my math teacher asked me if I wanted to see the nurse. I told him no, and he dropped it.

what do the teachers say???

are you like 5 years old??!!

Cool stories, can you add me? thanks.

have u peed in front of any freshmen yet or have they started wetting too

Yes. Kind of like that movie with Adam Sandler, when he says only cool kids pee their pants. There's about half a dozen of the cool freshman guys who have seen us act like no big deal when we're wet, or even when we're wetting ourselves right in front of them. These guys wet their pants in school, now. They don't try to hide it, either. I hope we get more guys wetting their pants.

awsume thats hot

What's the name of your school cause I wanna pee my pants and have friends who won't care