i feel i can tell this here.i have a very weak bladder i was cursed with it and now i wet my pants alot and i'm a high schooler so it's very embarising it happens at least once a week i have had weeks where it has been every day.i'm thing of diapers but in gym class everybody will see them.honestly i need help.
skull55 skull55 16-17, M 3 Responses Oct 28, 2012

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Awe cute:) its rlly sexy to pee urself:)

hey first of all sorry about your bladder.but there are milloins of people with the same problem.That is why they make diapers a remedie to the problem like a person can't see they get glasses or contacts or a hearing aid for hearing problems . So what is the difference if you wet yourself and they make fun of you or they see your diaper ?at least with a diaper you can it and not smell like pee all day like when your pants dry. well i wish you the best and i hope everything works out for you.

Turn it around and enjoy it. Wear black pants, then don't worry about when you pee. It feels really good to just relax and go in my pants whenever I want. Maybe you'll feel that way too, if you try to look at it that way.