I Had To Pee

When I was in the third grade I had a really strict teacher and she would never let us go to the bathroom unless we were like crying. So one day I had to use the bathroom sooooo bad it wasn't even funny and I was gonna ask my teacher to use the bathroom but she said no cause we were going to go to the library. When we got to the library I asked again and she said no I remember sitting on the carpet while the librarian was reading a story and I was holding myself. When she was done reading the story I ran to my teacher and asked again I was starting to cry and holding myself lifting my skirt while doing that and then while I was asking her I started to pee I tried to stop it but I couldn't I was soo embarrassed and she and the librarian started yelling at mee I will never forget what happened cause they always remind me hah
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Hi Faith. I love your stories. I was hoping maybe you could add me. I dont get on often, but I do have some great stories. i know how to hide it really good now so maybe my recent stories are not as exciting, as far as being wet in front of everone anyway :)
anyway, have a great day!!

shame that when we are younger we were not as smart. Now, as a kid in that situation, i woulda said, fine, and either sat right there and peed on the carpet, or would have walked to a quite row, sat on the carpet and peed, and waled away like nothing happened. if i had a skirt on, no one would ever know. if i had pants on, i woulda pulled my shirt out to cover my wet bum. ooh, if only i knew then what i know now. would save all kinds of embarrassment!!

Why didn't you just walk out of class, and if the teacher and librarian had yelled at me like that I would have reported them.


hi faith please add me x

Such mean teachers! And u were only like 9!

... That reminds me of my school. Your name wouldn't be cambell or something would it? Something along those lines. Only how I remember how it happend in our school is a girl named Campbell or something was holding herself and wet on the floor while sitting while e librarian was reading and the girl tried to hide it. But in the end the teacher found out right a way and Campbell still tried to deny it as she stood in the nurses office.

No my name is faith lol

i still pee in school sometimes the teacher NEVER lets us go, especially during a test, does that happen to you a lot? sometimes i just dont even think about it then i have to pee so bad my muscles give way and i start peeing in my pants! Hope you add me :)