Making Cupcakes...

Okay.lets get this through now. I DO NOT ENJOY THIS!!!!!!!LNOT AL ALL!!
Okay, so it was like, 19 days ago and I was in the kitchen making cupcakes for my daughters birthday party.i had to pee, but I have a tendency to get side tracked and burn food so I decided not to take the risk.About an hour later the cupcakes finished baking, but I really had to pee. I had to ice and put sprinkles on the cupcakes before they cooled though, because Trisha (my daughter) won't eat them unless they where iced before they cooled...don't ask me why. Like I said before, I get side tracked, so I was afraid to walk away from the cupcakes in fear of haveing to remake them because I didn't ice them soon enough. So I iced and put sprinkles on the cupcakes, and by then I had accidentally let out a little.not enough to run down my legs mind you,but enough to soak my Undies. So I started to walk to the bathroom, but of corse, and tv was on and America's funniest home videos was playing....yeah, I got sidetracked. Surprising, right? So I sat down and started watching, and a cute little baby with babypowder on its butt was laying on its belly and the baby farted, sending a cloud of baby powder up..of corse, I laughed really hard....Lets just say it wasn't a bathroom I needed after I stopped laughing..,
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No worries it happens to the best of us when we least expect it. At least no one had to know about it :)