My Accident

A week ago on Friday I had my first accident in class in 3 years. I had a terrible nights sleep and still was nodding off waking up in the morning and I even fell asleep in the shower. I decided it would be a good idea to drink some mountain dew before school so I could stay awake longer because thats what caffines good for. So I decided to drink 3 to be sure i don't fall asleep in class. Well I head out to go get on my bus but on the ride over there I already could feel that I had to pee pretty bad. I never have to go this early in the morning so I thought I could hold it out till my usual bathroom time.

Throughout the whole bumpy ride I was getting worse and worse and I soon realized if i didn't go soon I would pee my pants. I did everything I could to hold it crossing my legs, bouncing around, holding myself with my hands but none of it helped much. By the time we reached school we had literally a minute to get to class because our bus was late so I thought I didn't have time to go to the bathroom so I rushed to get in my class still desperately hanging on.

When i got to class I sat down and then heard an announcement on the intercom saying all the students on my bus should be allowed extra time to get to their classes. My teacher wouldn't let me leave since I was already in and the bell had rung so I had to hold out. I asked several times if I could go to the bathroom only for all of them to be rejected by the excuse "you had plenty of time to go before class" which was total BS. Pretty soon we started up a test so it was then literally more impossible for me to leave to use the bathroom and I had to pee so bad it was hurting. I was figeting super badly trying to hold it as best I could. The test infront of me was blank and so was my mind because the only thing I could think of was trying not to pee myself. The person sitting behind me decided to poke me for some reason and thats what broke me. In the silent class the only sound you could hear was the sound of me peeing my pants. Pretty soon someone blurted out "teacher Fate's peeing her pants!" After i was finished I broke into tears from embarrassment and looked at the mess I had made. My jeans were soaked down to the shoes and there was a huge puddle on the floor and in the chair. The teacher then sent me down to the nurses office to call in my parents for a change of clothes.

This story is 100% true even though I wish it were not :/ The aftermath of this accident led to a lot of bullying and my mom even grounded me for peeing my pants though thankfully it didn't last long. This was the most embarrassing day of my life as of yet so I feel much better getting it off of my chest :) Thankfully this isn't an everyday thing though ^^
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it was your teachers fault you peed your pants not yours

Sexy:) id beat the bullies i wouldnt have bullied u i wouldve had to stop myself from kissing you bc thats sexy for a girl ur age

Those people shouldn't have bullied you, you had a good reason for that accident and the hell with the teacher your bladder cannot wait for a stupid PA announcement

That story was seriously hot i wouldn't have bullied you ;)

I feel so bad for you. I'm diabetic, which makes me wpiss more, and I'm going on a class trip to another country.

my teachers were all told they had to let me go if I asked

was it mainly boys or girls who bully you?

Mostly girls the guys got over it forever ago. Girls at my school tend to be very cruel :/

yes girls can be cruel to other girls. but we can also be kind and you will find us here to talk to xxx

girls were all ways the worst that is why I really hatted my school

hi cindy you right! i try add you but cant xxx

I am 18 older

ok i have many friends older than that!

I cant even get into your page I dont think I have been blocked I try to be good'

i think you have settings to stop young people. if you change them i can add you then you add me then you able to see my profile and i can see yours too i hope xxx

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That's when you should have stood up and announced "I told you I have to go....and you'll be hearing from my lawyer".

I have never done it in class, except for when I was about 7. But I have done it during sports lessons. It's so embarrassing.

Oh...are you okay? I mean the bullying, people are cruel...and why were you grounded for an accident?

People were mean to me about it all last week :/ I couldn't once escape the teasing. I was grounded for some stupid reason like my mom thought i wanted to pee myself it was only for the weekend though but it still sucked :/

Accidents happen. It's a shame to get grounded and teased as such but that shows the maturity of those around you. Remember to think positive and try and make the best of situations :)