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During My Math Test

Yesterday, we had another test in math class. I knew I had to pee when I sat-down, but the teacher started handing-out the tests right away, and said we'd need all the time to do it, so I didn't dare ask to go to the boys room. Plus, during a test, the teacher would have said no. So, I started the test and was doing pretty good so I was pretty psyched, but I kept having to go worse and worse. Just as I turned the page, I started to pee in my jeans. I just couldn't hold it any more. At least during a test, our eyes aren't supposed to wander, so I don't think anybody saw the puddle growing under my chair. I finished about 5 min before class ended, but I just sat in my chair and kept looking over my test paper, So everybody wouldn't see my wet jeans and then see my puddle. When the bell rang, everybody got up and brought their papers to the teachers desk. I brought mine up then, too, then got my backpack and left with everybody through the door. I don't think my teacher had a chance to see my wet jeans. He found the puddle after I left, though, cause he had the nurse intercom into my English class and call me to her office. I told her it was an accident, cause of the test, and I told her I keep a pair of basketball shorts in my backpack. I asked her to just let me change into them, and not call my parents. She said OK, so I did. On my way back to class I hung my wet jeans on the hook in my locker, so they would start to dry. My underpants were still soaked, but my shorts are black, so nothing showed. Everybody teased me when I got back to class, cause I had to go change my pants. It turned out that the nurse did call my Mom after I left. She told her I wet my pants in class, and I had just changed and gone back to class. When I got home, Mom asked me why I was wearing shorts. Then she asked to see my jeans. That's when she told me the nurse had called. She told me for the next week, I have to wear my diapers that I wear to bed, to school instead of underpants. She said I couldn't wear any boxers over them, either. That didn't bother me too much, cause I like wearing diapers to school sometimes anyway, but I always hide them under my boxers, the same way I do when I wear diapers around the house and when I go to bed. So this morning at Gym class, my friends razzed me again when I changed out of my jeans and took off my wet diaper. I heard it again when I got dressed and had to grab a new diaper out of my packpack and put it on. I give it right back to them when this stuff happens. This morning, I stood there in front of them as soon as I put on my new diaper, and pood in it. It was a nice big log. Then I put-on my jeans and left with them when the bell rang. So now I'm in a poopy diaper that will also be wet soon. I know Mom will check my diaper when I get home. Maybe she'll make me wear diapers for another week after this.
briandiaperlover briandiaperlover 18-21, M 6 Responses Jan 31, 2013

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Very hot and horny story.

I don't agree that the nurse needs to call a parent about an older teen wetting pants unless there is a reason such as suspected health issues. It was the teacher's fault as toilet breaks were denied because it was test day though you might try to always pee before any class that has a class long test to avoid this happening at school again.

Brian, you mother is a real case. She appears to have some issues herself. Making you wear a diaper at school without boxers is cruel in my book.

There is too much kinkiness which is being caused by the mother between she and her son. While she herself may not have any sexual feelings resulting. The same won't be true for you. Mom will check your diaper when you get home at your age?

"Maybe she will make me wear diapers for another week after this." Your quote.

It has already happened. There is now also a sexual act. There is nothing wrong with "you" making this a sexual act as long as you don't involve other innocent people.

But mom needs to find a way to not be involved in it. For starters, she doesn't need to check your diaper and she certainly doesn't need to be changing your diaper since you don't really need to wear them if a restroom is readily available. Even so, at your age, you should be able to change yourself or let someone that isn't a family member who likes to play this game change you.

You really need to get out on your own as soon as possible after you graduate. By that I mean don't live with mom.
One problem is she may not realize it but she may be wanting to keep you a little boy.

You strongly inferred that you still wet the bed. That has no bearing on you as a person. It may tell the size of your bladder or how well you can feel the need to pee etc. That has nothing to do about your character. You may outgrow bed wetting by age 19.

Let me be clear. I didn't find any fault with your actions. But your mom's reaction puts you in the position of bragging about the diaper. to your mates as a way to keep from feeling humiliated because you have to wear them to school.

Now, for the rest of that day, you are going to stink up every room with that log in your pants.

I'm not accusing your mother of any sexual assault. However, her actions even if well intended, appear to be sexual to you meaning she needs to exit this situation.

I'm sorry i find you moms discipline disheartening and upsetting. To make you wear a diaper because you had an accident is unacceptable. This is child abuse and should have been reported to the authorities. Your mom sounds pure evil.

If you have to wear a diaper you should drink tons of water during the day. You will be able to fill your diaper over it's capacity. The hot pee will leak out your diaper and your jeans will get wet during the lesson...

I wet a lot in school too when I was a sr I wet my pants 3 4 tines a week I wet the bed every night I still do but now I wear 24 7 I am married and mom now

Wow, that is a very cool story. I think it was the math test that made peeing pants happen. Too bad you could not just wear the shorts that day and next day everything stay normal. Did you ever do a big poo in front of your friends before that ?