During Math Class

Ok so a few years ago in high school, i had to pee. badly. our math teacher does not let us go during class. about 5 min before class was over, i let out a squirt. i was wearing black sweatpants, so nobody noticed. but one i started, i could not stop. a puddle formed below me. when the bell rang, i ran out of class. about a minute later, my math teacher asked to see me. she had found the puddle, and called the nurse. THANK GOD my math teacher was a lady. the janitor was called, and so he found out that i wet my pants as well. i was so embarrassed that i sank to my knees and cried. I could never look at my math teacher again. i switched to a different math class. that was the worst ever :(
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1 Response Feb 15, 2013

I'd have got up and walked out of class. Then gone to the principles office and reported the teacher for not letting me go to the toilet.