In The Heads Office

One day i was doing one of my hold it days at college almost every one knows me and wat i do and just as i was about to release it in to the bathroom since i was at college this girl came running past me holding her crouch so i just ran after her and she ended up getting caught by the head and since i was also running i was caught too. So there we were inn her office talking then the head left for a minute so i started talking to her and she just started wimpering so i asked wats wrong and she said she was about to pee. As u can probly imagine when she said that my man hood sprung to life. Half cause desperation and half cause excitement then mrs xame back in and told us to sit here till some one from home picks us up cuase mrs wanted a word with them just then i hear a running of water at first i couldnt see any thing but then she jumped up and held her crutch pee running then she grabed mrses bin pulled her skirt up her undies down and peed in the bin and then i was about to lose it to i just pulled my trousers down and peed on the floor through the undies. Later the evening i had a knock on the door and she was there and she asked me out and well we did something watersportish and there.
mouse108 mouse108
61-65, M
Feb 17, 2013