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This happened last year when i was 14

Well, my day started of graet. It was one of those rare days where i woke to a dry nappy. But when i arrived at school, i kinda knew that my accident was just late. By period 3 i had a science. I was busting. She let me go and as i was walking to the toilet it just came out. I was soaked. Worse of all, this was my 3rd wetting in that month so my mum put me in nappies during the day
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Why didnt you jut wear nappies to begin with??

I didn't need too, i was out of them at this point

Very nice.

Aww. That happens to me all the time even though I wear nappies to and I pee so much t once I tend to overflow my nappy

so you soaked pants at school? did friends say anything about that

No lockout no one saw. I went into the toilet dried them nd stayed deodorant

that would be lucky if they dried quickly

It tom a while andi was there in my soaed boxers praying no one came in