Semi-public Summer ******* Fun

I have a huge fetish for watersports. I live in the middle of downtown Chicago. This past summer, I had the apartment to myself for the weekend and was feeling incredibly horny after reading some of the stories on this site. I drank water until I was near bursting. I should mention, I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist.

The first thing I did was ***** out of my underwear and put on some tight skinny jeans. My **** was rock hard and pressed up against my left leg. I live in a mid-rise apartment building. I walked out into the hallway towards the elevators and took the first one available down to the lobby. There were a few people waiting for the elevator when I got down. Pretending to forget something, I got back on and hit the button for my floor. As the elevator went up, I slowly let my **** leak out. It felt so nice running down my leg, and I was really turned on knowing that I was peeing in public right next to the other people. There was a small wet spot on my jeans, but I don't think anyone noticed.

As I walked out of the elevator back on my floor, I really let a long stream go. If the people in the elevator were looking closely, they definitely would have seen a big wet stain on my jeans as the doors closed. My entire left leg was soaked, so one leg was a shade darker than the other. I checked the hall, and unzipped my pants so I could re-position my **** so that it was pressed against the dry leg. I headed towards the stairwell, wetting the other side of my pants as I walked. My **** was dripping from my jeans into my slippers by this time.

I entered the empty stairwell and closed the door behind me. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. I aimed my **** upwards and immediately let loose a huge burst of pee onto my shirt. I was still really desperate, so I kept going until I was absolutely drenched.

Covered in ****, I left the stairwell and went back to my apartment. I was hornier than I've ever been. I still had some pee left and didn't want to waste it. I got completely naked, and walked out onto my balcony. It was summer, so there were definitely people out and about and on neighboring balconies. I lied down and leaned my legs back so my **** was aimed towards my face. I let loose the last of my **** all over my body and face. It felt so warm and tasted excellent.

When I was finished, lying nude on my balcony in the middle of downtown Chicago and wet with my own pee, I stroked my **** until I came harder than I ever have before.
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Awesome story, dude!

Hot, hot story. I love doing stuff like that.

That is a hot story!
It's so exciting to pee some squirts into skintight jeans (thin stretchy fabric, light-blue faded) in crowded public in front of strangers. I like to do that in grocery stores, malls, restaurants, libraries and other public places. I love it! :)

I used to be a bartender in a pretty raunchy gay bar. I\'d often wear tight, well-worn and faded Levi\'s with no underwear. Then I\'d wait until I was too busy to get away from the bar right away and let a few squirts go in my jeans before running to the bathroom. A lot of guys would want to rub the wet spot as I walked slowly back to the bar.

What would excite me would be going out bursting full and NOT being seen ******* myself. That's not to say it wouldn't happen, but I'm not an exhibitionist and would try to make it home before I lost control.

Very hot story....and i can relate to doing some public, discreet pants *******. Putting yourself in a situation where you can probably be seen with pee soaked pants is so exciting. I am also like you, love everything about **** play

I remember being on a business trip once where this embarrassed me. I had gone to a **** theater, as usual when out of town, and had jerked off and peed right there in the theater while watching ****. I was wearing a long trench coat which covered my wet jeans, but when I returned to the hotel and got in the elevator to go to my room some other people got on with me and I could CLEARLY smell my urine. I'm sure they all could as well, and this was a VERY upscale hotel. I couldn't wait to get off the elevator. Geesh that was embarrassing! Sure was fun while I was peeing in the theater, though. Loved that!!!

It's good fun peeing your pants in public. I don't know why, it just is.