It Was An "Oooops"...

Things have been really slow in the real estate business due to the economy. It can get pretty boring sitting in an office waiting for either someone to walk in or to call. As you can tell from my "nick" I like to be wet but I absolutely don't like to embarass myself. I'll do some daring things but always a bit on the conservative side. What I've been doing lately is trying to time it so that I'll have a full bladder when I get home at night so I can have some "fun". It's more of a watching the clock thing as I still have a bit of a holdover from my teen years when I had a wetting problem. Having said all of that... we've had some unusually warm days this week and since I'm basically a panty wetter I decided to wear a skirt each day. I really can't play the desperation game because once my bladder is full I start to dribble and then, within a few minutes, I start peeing.

On Monday I left at 5pm, as usual, and felt I had plenty of time to get home without a problem. Once at home I went to fetch the mail and let a good bit of pee out. There was no one in sight so didn't feel nervous about it at all. It was fun to do it again outside. I thought I'd do basically the same on Tuesday. I had just pulled out of the parking lot when my cell phone rang. It was a friend that was reminding me that I needed to pay for our reservation to an upcoming concert. I'd forgotten about it and wanting to make sure my payment was received in time decided to drive to the venue which is right here in town. I completely forgot about the fact that I had a fairly full bladder. I parked and was at the ticket window (along with about a half dozen others) waiting my turn when I sneezed. I really wasn't expecting it... or what happened after it. As I said before, I usually start with dribbling for a minute or so. This time... no. It was a full gusher! I always wear multiple panties which helps with the dribbles but really does nothing when it all wants to come out at once.

I should've known better but I looked down between my legs. Not very smart on my part. Of course some of the people standing there with me did too. The puddle was about a big as a dinner plate and anybody looking knew where it came from.

This is certainly not my first "accident" in public. (I've written about some in other threads here at EP) I was there for a purpose and there was nothing to be gained by leaving. It took about five minutes until it was my turn at the window. I'm sure there were some comments but at least I got my tickets.

BTW: I did the same as the night before when I got home. There was plenty left. I did enjoy the second wetting of the day much more than the first though.

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Does peeing turn you on? Do you ********** while or after peeing?

i did that same thing but i dident do at a ticket booth it happend ad the movies :P

if u could add a video i would love u for ever

Love to have you sitting on my lap with a full bladder ... I guess I would have to tickle you unmercifully ;-)