Skiing Accident.

My wife had a friend and were both on the school staff in charge of a skiing trip. They were neither of them good skiers so it took a long time to get anywhere.  The friend got part way down the piste (funny word,that is!) and decided she had to pee. No problem- the kids had long gone on their way. So, pants around her ankles she squatted in the snow and started peeing. At that point, being still on the slope, her skis took off, she still attached trailing on her back and showing everything, including her continuing stream, to all and sundry on the way down. It took a long time to live that one down!

andrewwarwick andrewwarwick
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2010

I would love to have been there to see her. Thge mental image is grand though

Seems a really great idea. How can we attract competitors? Could it be extended to ski jumping?

Hadn't thought of that. How would qualifying go? Suggestions please.