A Wet Day - In Every Sense

I have described how I peed myself on my Bsa M?Cycle. I suppose it was inevitable I wouldtry a poosometime later. It was quite intentional. Still Winter it was wet and cold and I decided to take a tripfor the day into derbyshire. I wore acomfortable pair of old cords and some briefs that knew what to expect - they were from my bottom pooping gear draw and well stained already- but washed. When I could hold my pee no longer I stopped in a lay by on the A52. I wanted all my middle region to be wet and warm under my overtrousers so I put the bike on its stand and sat with my legs slightly raisedand let it gush. It felt just amazing and I got an instant hard on. Then I carried on to the resoivoirs at Ladybower and stopped at a tea hut.

Standing there with a mug of tea and a bap I pooped - medium to firm - nice and warm as itdropped into my crotch and I let the rest go and pressed that around a bit. My hardon came back. I did not want to jack off and eventually it subsided and then, standing at the counter I pissed myself,the pee running down my legs and into my boots. Inside my overtrousers it felt like a sauna and I slipped my hands inside to let them warm up in my soggy old undies.

Sitting on the bike felt so good it should be illegal! The poo squeezed around my balls and some out of my briefs leg elastic and between my legs. I had a 'do nothing' ****** I slipped and slid in my dirty pants all the way back to my home.

I don't poo myself very much - certainly not nowadays - but I do have lots and lots of incredible pooping memories,
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May 22, 2012