Since I Was Young

I remember back when I was six, I would always pee so preoccupied with having fun with my friends at school that I wouldn't want to go to the bathroom so I would just go in my pants. My mom got pretty mad at me for it but I enjoyed it a few times before I had to stop.
The warmth was comforting and I wish I didn't have to stop. Of course I can do it now that I'm older, but my teenage years would have been a hell of a lot more fun if I was able to pee myself purposely back then.
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3 Responses Jul 12, 2010

HHell yeaah

Too bad you had to stop...I would like to have been there with you at age 6, and wet my pants to "double the fun" with you.

Oh how i wish i was your dad back then..<br />
I have been wetting myself since i was a little kid,so i know exactly how you felt. If you came home from school or play dripping wet every day,i would told how a good girl you was. I am absolutely not into this children things,but i would have understood you and cared for you.