My First At The Tree House

I remember the first time I peed my pants on purpose like it was yesterday. I was 8 yrs old and a few weeks prior to the incident I was "introduced" to the idea. You see, my mom's friend had two children; a girl who was 6 and a boy who was 4 (same age was my only other sibling, a younger brother). Anyways, we went over to their house to play rather often because they lived out in the country and had tons of land to run around on. I think my mom liked it because it tired both my brother and I out!

So the girl (Sierra, i still remember the name) and I were outside one summer afternoon playing in the backyard right near the house on their trampoline. Actually her parents owned a trailer which was situated by itself on a huge lot in the middle of nowhere. Well, after playing for a while she asks if I want to go up in the tree house which was near the back of the lot. We ran inside, asked our moms, and after receiving confirmation, and took off running towards the tree house. I still remember that she had a hot pink tank top and light blue jeans with sparkles. I was hearing some t-shirt and camaflouge cargo pants.

Anyways, I don't remember her grabbing herself or doing any pee pee dance on the trampoline or during our flight. However, as we got near the base of the tree on which the tree house was situated she stopped. I turned around to look at her and saw her staring down at her crotch peeing her pants! I didn't know what to do or say. I just stood there and watched........Her accident soaked her jeans completely. After she was finished, she looked up and started heading towards the tree house ladder like nothing happened.

"you wet her pants," I said. "Don't you want to go get your mom." To my surprise, she just shrugged and said (and I'll never forget it): "It ain't no big deal. I always pee in my pants when I'm outside. I hate going in." With that she walked past me and when up in the tree house. I followed her and we played like nothing happened. We probably stayed out there for another hour before walking back in. I remember her Mom scolding her, but she didn't seem to care.

I remember being astonished but intrigued. As an kid, I didn't wet my pants very often and it had been years since I last done it. Either way, I couldn't get the idea out of my mind. About a month later we went back. On our way there, I kept thinking about what would happen if I had an accident. I knew Sierra wouldn't care, and our brothers were too young to care. I was wearing a pair of light blue jeans, and as we pulled into the driveway I remember being determined to pee in my pants.

I purposely asked for a can of soda upon entry and after drinking it down Sierra and I went outside to play. After sometime, the need to pee grew pretty strong. I remember we were on the swing set and I must've grabbed myself because I remember her asking if I need to go potty. I said no and suggested we play in the tree house. As we started walking there I remember feeling a strong urge to pee and for the first time in my life, I simply letting go on purpose in my pants.

I stopped walking, looked down and said "uh-oh." I remember the wet spot forming on my crotch and then running down my legs. I don't know what it was, but I knew at that moment that I liked the feeling. Sierra was giggling at my display but I said nothing until I finshed peeing my pants. After I was finished I tried to act normal like she did saying: "why are you laughing, you pee your pants too!"

She didn't tease me and we went up in the tree house and played for a bit....this time me in the peed-in-pants. Again, I don't believe there was any discussion, I think both of us just acted like everything was perfectly norma. I remember getting yelled at by my mom upon returning.....but nothing too serious since she figured it was just an accident.

Throughout that summer we went over to Sierra's place a decent amount of time, and most of the time, one of us (or both of us) ended up having an accident in our pants. A few years later, my family moved to another town and my mom lost touch with Sierra's mom. I always wondered what happened to her...and specufically whether she developed an "interest" in this activity or if she even remembers that summer.

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Sad that you lost touch with her. It would be interesting to find out if it was intentional, and she liked it, or was she an exhibitionist, or did she just not care about wetting herself. Nice story, anyway. Have you done anything since?

remember the tree house very well do not know how old it was but it was clear from day one other kids are used it before I found it there were many stains on the floor and over the next 10 years I and other friends added many more stains to the wooden floor
it was nice in high school as it was in the orchard right across the street so on those days with 2 hour tests we could always go over there and play or study pants became optional for all over the years

Now thats a good friendship..

Very inspiring. Sierra must have been brave to say she pees her pants whenever outside, even with a likelihood that she'll be scolded very soon afterwards.

I peed my pants while reading this. I suspect that during the summer both you and Sierra did the pants wetting every day while outside during the summer.

Did that add to your and her fun????

Ask your mom if she remembers this friend and if she could see her again, that might allow you to reunite<br />
Best of luck

Or ask her to search both of them on Facebook or something

That's cute, togetheriness