It All Started In School

I was in 5th grade and had to pee really bad; the teacher didn't let us go to the bathroom anytime we wanted. There were scheduled times. Anyhow, it was a winter day and we just came in from playing in the snow. Some of us "forgot" to pee before we went outside, so there were alot of's "I need to go to the bathroom". Naturally the teacher said "NO". A boy sitting next to me was the first to was so awsome to see. Then the girl on the other side of me peed herself. I figured if they got away with it, I could. So, I hiked my skirt up and just peed myself. It felt so good. The teacher had no clue what was going on behind her back.

Since that first time in school, I regularly peed myself. If I was out with friends and had to go, I just did it in my pants. It always felt so good to let it go.

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Hi, 2old. I had a major accident in school once. I've written about it in a bunch of different experience groups. I'd love to see any comments you might have about it.

You did what I did.......I would be outside playing with friends, having alot of fun. Then the urge to pee would hit; didn't want to stop what I was doing just to go inside to go to the bathroom. I would sit down and pee myself. Most of my friends knew when I sat I was going to pee. A couple of them would always go and tell my parents. I usually got called into the house, spanked, diapered and then sent to my room. Naturally, since I had on a diaper, I would use it for the intended purpose. Those were the times of me getting unpotty trained.

No, i didn't mind getting diapered , i was usually diapered even on the weekends for having accidents while playing outside with friends i'd come in from outside and i'd run to my bedroom to change clothes and that is when i'd get caught with my pants down around my ankles i guess i made it easy for my parents to diaper me over all i really liked being diapered i had a few accidents in school and had the school nurse diaper me or she would call my parents to come get me or bring me dry clothes. I went to public schools

Yea, but didn't you like the feel of diapers? That happened to me more than once, being put in diapers. And they were the cloth diapers with rubber pants. Made me feel more like a little baby than 10 or 11 years old.<br />
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My teachers were nuns......I went to a Catholic grade school. Everyday, 1 or 2 kids peed their pants. Some were braver, by pooping their pants. The sad part was the nuns didn't care. I guess they figured we should have control.

I had a teacher like that in school if one or more kids asked to go to the bathroom she/he would always say NO and would have atleast 5 kids including me with wet pants. I hated teacher's that did that to kids. When i got home from school i got put into diapers for having wet pants

Mmmm. Nice. Naughty...but nice. I only got that wet in school once, and it was in kindergarten. But, I used to make little wet spots on my pants, just for fun, and definitely on purpose. I don't see enough pants wettings. It needs to happen more often, so I can be entertained, and excited.