An Early Deliberate Wetting

Ihad wet myself on purpose a few times by now and I knew for certain I enjoyed doing it. I had never done a really public one though and thsi was my chance. I was16. We had been playing cricket and got rained off by a real downpour. It was amazing and by the time we got to the changing room we were all wet. I had an incredibly naughty feeling come over me and asI sat on the bench before changing I just let go and shot the most super **** into my undies and white trousers. It never showed as pee - no one guessed and I did notice that no one else rushed to the toilet either. I felt great and super horny. We were told to go home and I stood quite openly in my soaked briefs with the wet stain all over the back but none of the other boys said a thing if they noticed. I even wore them to school the next day and even though they were smelly and yellow no one said anything again. I found after that I could stay wet by dribbling through the day and gradually became almost permantely wet.

I had a few times when I think my friends noticed me either wet or smelly and I got worried but it never really made me stop.
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Jul 29, 2010