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I Wet Myself

when i was about 10 years old this was a time when i really liked nappies i asked my mum if i could go back to wearing nappies unfortunatly she said no because i was too old i asked her atleast once a day but she kept on saying no so one time when we were in the car i was small for my age so i had to sit in an carseat i had to go to the toilet not badly so i thought to myself this could be a good chance to convince my mum to put me back into nappies so i wet myself my trousers had this really big wet patch where i had leaked she stopped off at a petrol station where she went to buy me some nappies so she kept me in them for about a year.
annonymus1 annonymus1 18-21, M 8 Responses Dec 30, 2010

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Are you back in diapers now? I am!!

can't add you :( Can you add me?

Great story..please add me as your friend.. Im in North wales Uk. Mikey

k im ive just become aware that i am actually wetting on purpose.(gymnatics have always caused me to perspire a lot there so am sort of used to it.Question is now if i actually go wet on purpose it feels mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yes we all start somewhere and we like it too much to stop.The feeling of a wet diaper and plastic pantsbefore you change.Learn to accept them and there is no harm in having a wet diaper,day or night.Stay safe and wet.

when i was 9, i wanted to see what it was like, so tried it. i have been doing it ever since

Lucky you. I would have gotten a beastly spanking.You made a bold statement,actions speak louder than words,in your pants that you wanted diapers.

Hey wettrdav43, me too... I was about 10 when I started wetting my undies for fun and pleasure. My mom found my wet undies and I got punished for it. I told here that I was out playing and didn't make it on time to the bathroom. She told me that I had better make time and never do it again (I was spanked).<br />
<br />
I started hiding my wet and pee stained undies better and would sneak them out to wet over and over again :)<br />
<br />
To this day I still wet my undies many times a day, every day :) My wife is just fine with my wetting :)<br />
<br />
"Stay wet and have fun"