I've Been Into Intentionally Wetting My Pants For Pleasure Since I Was 6 Years Old!

For as long as I can remember - i've alwaysed derived such a pleaurable sensation from wetting my pants on puurpose.  And as long as i can remember - every time I wet my pants for Fun - I was always erect and aiming Straight Up in my white cotton breif underpants - my absloute favorite kind of underpants.  Wetting myself in this manner always made a nice big oval wet spot in the front of my underpants - which would then soak through to front of my pants - and make the same nice even big oval wet spot in the front of my pants which i find so exciting to look at!.  My favorite way of wetting my pants is by letting it out over a period of time in drips and streams at a time.  I get very turned on by how nice and warm and wet in feels when you go in your pants - and i also get very turned on by watchng the wet spot first begin to show on the outside of my pants - and get more turned on watching it grow larger - and spread out upward, outward and downeard with each addition drip and stream I let out in my pants - until I've made a big giant oval wet spot in the front of my pants - reaching all the way up to the very top of my pants - where it fans out into a big wide oval wet spot that tapers evenly downward in a big v-shape - with the Hot wet spot spreading all the way down to the bottom of my crotch - totallly soaking that portion of my pants - bating my balls in the wonderful warmth of my wet underpants and pants - and making a small wet patch visible from behind me at the bottom of my butt.  

Whe I was 9 - I got into something I founbd to be extremely exciting (so excitng that i did it literally hundreds of times from age 9 to 12) -  Putting on a pair or two of my very stained cotton breif underpants and then a pair of shorts.  Then I'd stand up on the toilet seat with my legs spread by the spacing of my feet standing on the sitting areas of the seat.  That put me at the perfet height to see the front of my short pants in the mirror, which was so perfectly positioned over the sink opposite the toilet.  Then I'd let go and proceed to totally SOAK my shorts!  I thoroughly savored the Multiple Pleassures of enjoying the Wonderful Hot Wet Sensation of me SOAKING my Underpants and Shorts - and the Excitement of watching the Wet Spot Burst through to the outside of Shorts - and watching my golden fluid pouring off the legs of my pants - and - savoring the Incredible Sensation of the Hot Golden Streams Washing doem my legs.  Of course - the Best and final Great Sensation was rubbing myself off in my Wet Pants - many times just by feeling and gently squeezing up and doen on the Nice Big bulging Wet Spot in the front of my shorts - and other tims taking down my shorts and palm-rubbing the Big bulginf Oval Wet Spot in the fronf ot my underpants.  in both cases - i would always Explode in such a Powerful Climax!       

I also love to put on Hot Exciting Pants Wetting Shows for other guys and gals.  It really turns me on to totally SOAK my pants for them - making a Nice big Oval Wet Spot in the front of my pants that spreds all the way down the inseams of my pants until my golden fluid is streming off both of my pants legs.       

And finally - I also LOVE to watch guys and gals wet their pants too - either slowly in drips and streams at a time - or totally letting their entire load go all at once.   Either way - I find it Extremely Exciting to watch! Mutual pants, shorts underpants and panty wetting sessions are the most exciting sexual activity I've ever experienced - and yes - I also love to wear and wet panties as well! 
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I like your story.
For the first time on New Year's Day I had the desire to wet myself. I drank plenty of tea and water and dressed in a shirt, shorts and socks. I stood up in the bath and allowed my self to wet myself. It was such an enjoyable release the urine passing through my shorts ansd pants and then down my legs into my socks. I continued to drink and repeated the experience many times. I removed my clothes except the pants and continued to wet them and then walked about the flat enjoying the sensation of the wet material of my pants aginst my body. I would love to do it in front of another person.


I love to wet my pants.

One trick i did was pee my speedo swim suit in front of other kids at a lake the family went to in the summer.

It was about 200 feet from the lake to the restrooms and i would watch for girls heading to the restrooms and time it so i would be walking by them as i peed,

In my 30s i did a lot of hiking and as i saw someone coming up the trail i would pee my hiking shorts so that everyone would see them as i walked by.

This is such a good description. I started a little older, at 13, and remember the first time I watched myself "do it" in a full-length mirror. I loved replaying my childhood wetting accidents or ones I'd seen, and the mirror made it all much more real.

It was almost like being able to watch the younger version of myself have the accident, as I had all the feelings of it again. The look on my face as it started. The first little wet spot showing on my pants. Pee glistening and even bubbling through as that spot spread upward and outward. Like the original poster I would be so excited by what I was doing that I was pointed straight up.

Sometimes I'd do it in stages, rewarming my pants and enjoying all the shapes of different sizes of accidents as my wet spot grew. Sometimes I'd do it all at once, like when a kid loses complete control, or just gives up because it's too late. I'd feel the full force of my pee spurting up past my waistband, wetting the bottom of my shirt and streaming back all through my crotch and in wide wet trails down my pantlegs.

I had a lot of time at home alone, enough to do this (and the equally pleasurable thing I always did in my wet pants afterwards) often...

I have been doing it since i was a kid. now i wear diapers and wet all the time.

You get the same warn wet feeling and you can do it anyplace anytime.

Drips and streams make happy moments, with the growing wet patch being the measure of that pleasure. <br />
But those old dried pee stains and the rising smell is the record and reminder of past happy wetting days.

I agree totally with all of the above. There's nothing better in the way of sexual stimulation than watching a wet spot grow on the front of your pants and enjoying the nice warm feeling while you are peeing in your pants.

Great story! Different than mine in that I prefered peeing and wetting outdoors - now I pee my pants in the house or outside daily or more. Watching that stain spread down my legs is still a turn on! I too would love to find others, women and men who like this and would enjoy a pee-pants party.

Your desc<x>ription is very exciting, very detailed and I feel the same as you. I'm attracted in the wet pant since forever !!

I caught a line in your story....."very stained cotton brief underpants"....that's something I find very stimulating as well. I've got underpants with wonderful stains on them, and like you, enjoy the sensation of slowly spreading warmth and wetness. It's just such a delight for the senses.