Was a bedwetter as a child accidently Untill I was 13 Parents were getting real fed up me ruining matresses they took me to the doctor and he saud he couldnt find a Reason That im wetting my bed My dad said just pure laziness so They decided to to Embarrass me By buying me diapers and make me wear them to bed Brothers and sisters would have a laugh....well I wet myself first night in diapers But one thing was different I woke up on My stomach Soaked and Hard felt so good I began doing the mattress Hump...Guys you know what I mean....I humped long enough to feel something I had Never Felt before Kinda scared me but I didnt say anything...Just as I stopped Mom Came in and asked me if i was wet...when I had told her yes she got Pissed and walked out....that night Made put on diapers again The One thing that had changed the next morning was Our After school Babysitter was there and Parents had her come in my room and had her ask OMG so embarrassing she noticed i was and Proceeded to Treat me Like a baby and Change me well Needless to say I was hard lol.. she Noticed but did nothing ( At that time ) Afterschool she made me put on diaper. I thought my parents told her to do that so i didnt think anything of it but when she kept giving me things to drink and not go to the toilet I had to GO Bad I told her she said go in Diaper.
bigdaddynick194 bigdaddynick194
46-50, M
May 23, 2012