It Is So Convenient To Wet

I wet myself on purpose all the time. It is just so much more convenient. What is the point of peeing in a toilet when there is no need.

I dress to make it easy to wet myself. I always wear a skirt so it is nice and easy to just pee down my legs. I never wear knickers because they would get smelly and cause a rash, and I wear fishnet stockings because I can pee down my legs and they hide the wetness.

There are so many places where I can just stand and pee that I can just do it whenever I feel the urge without anyone noticing.

While wetting myself is convenient, it is also quite pleasant. I always drink a lot to make sure that my pee is nice and dilute, and because I drink a lot I get to wet myself a lot too.

I don't always stand to wet myself. I usually wear black skirts so if I am sitting somewhere when i want to pee I can usually just pee through my skirt without attracting attention by trying to lift it out of the way. It is so much more convenient to just sit and pee through my skirt on the train rather than to find and queue for the toilet.

Paulypeeps Paulypeeps
11 Responses Jan 21, 2013

What a turn on

When you wet, do you ever become horny?

You are totally awesome. OMG I wish I could hang around you and watch you in action. So cool! :)

In glad to see there is so much people who do this... I ve halways want a girl who set herself i tried to ask my ex GF but it didnt work...

Love your stories Paulypeeps! Even if I'm really late reading them!!

I agree fully. I must add one I can develop the imagination of sexual activities that I wanted to try while ************ to ****** top .. I have now wearing very thick diaper, already in her pee for a few hours and gently touch my hard ****, which is very wet in their nest from diapers. In a few minutes it's all over, I squirt my ***** into totally wet diaper. I would like you to join me to your friends, I do not hide that I want to see your photos. Your stories I really like and I think I'll love it too. Thank you, mirekkkk

Oh definitely got the right idea Paulypeeps :) I slowly getting through your experiences ,so interesting ...mind you not sure it's a good idea reading them just I'm squirming a bit here/leg crossing here...I realllllly feel need to p** ...... Lol ;)

oh! if only more girls do alike your

I wet myself at home if I want, even in bed. And I wet myself in public anytime anywhere if I want, even in a crowded restaurant. I love it!
Soon I will wear feminine skirts and dresses in public, and I will wet them anytime anywhere...

You really have perfected the art of peeing haven't you ! I admire your courage and convictions so much so that it is encouraging us to be more open with our peeing situations.

I love you and your stories Paulypeeps, but even wearing a black skirt must surely show a fresh wet patch. Do you ever feel just a bit self-concious and does no-one ever comment on seeing this?


It really doesn't show Gemma. I was out with my friend the other day and sat and peed through my skirt twice while sitting on the train and when I stood up I asked her if she could see anything and she assured me nothing showed - and she knew that my skirt was wet because I told her when I was wetting myself.

I usually sit for a few minutes after wetting myself to make sure that if there is a wet patch my pee soaks in and it diffuses, but a lot of the time that is unnecessary, I only need to worry about that with the thick fabric of my work suit skirt.

My friends know that I wet myself but they always have to ask if I have wet myself, they can never tell.

If you had asked me before I started peeing through my skirts if it would be possible I would have been sceptical, but doing it has shown that it works with pretty much all black fabric as long as it is not completely saturated, and some fabrics like lycra just never look wet even when I am peeing through the fabric.

I guess that now I am completely confident. Even if I get my denim mini a bit wet when I pee sitting on the grass it does not worry me. I don't even bother checking to see if it is wet now. I know it could have got wet from the grass.

No one has ever said anything, and I am wet most of the time I am out.