I was online chatting and drinking some water before bed and had been holding my pee in for a few hours. I felt like I might burst if I went to the potty. I just kept sitting there and squeezing my legs together hoping the pressure would die down, but it kept getting worse. In the back of my mind I was kind of hoping I would wet myself, but I didn't want to just do it.

I could feel the pee squirting out of me when I stood up and I tried to grab my crotch and walk real slow toward the potty, but it just kept leaking out. Thank god eveyone else was in bed!

When I got to the bathroom and saw the big wet spot in the mirror I decided to just let go and stuck my hand in my jeans as the pee gushed out all down my legs and all over the floor. Some even got in my sneakers! There I was, standing in a puddle of pee, fingering myself, being a totally dirty **** like all you guys know I am, hehe.

I noticed the door wasn't locked and my heart skipped a beat. Geeze, I'm not ready for that level of humilition. I quickly squelched over and locked it, shocked at the feeling of my wet jeans.

I looked at myself in the mirror for a while, turning around to see where the pee had soaked all over my butt. Looking at the big puddle on the floor I knew what I had to do and sat right down in the pee.

It was gettig cold already, not what I expected! That made it even more gross that I was as turned-on as I was. I splashed around a little and my jeans just soaked it right up. I leaned back against side of the tub and fingered myself until I came, sitting on the bathroom floor soaked with my own pee.

I was still excited, but I guess I felt a little guilty after that. I cleaned up the floor real quick, took off my shoes and top and hopped into the shower to wash myself and my jeans off.

I'm surprised I really went that far and super turned-on imagining how far I'll go next time.
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12 Responses Aug 17, 2014

So very HOT!

I'd love you in my bathroom. That is hot! Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. I really enjoyed reading about how excited this made you.

So very sexy to think of you peeing yourself like that. watching it run down your legs as you played with yourself. It would have been fun to catch you and take photos of you while you did.

wanna swap pee pics

You must've been quite a sight, wetting your jeans like that...def a nice mental image there!

you're very sexy

Way further than that I hope :) I can suggest a few ideas for you to consider ;)

that sounds like you had a lot of fun

Love what you do :)

Wow!!! How incredible....very very sexy indeed....lovely xx