Wet Shirt

Last Saturday I went to the movies. On the way there it began to downpour with thunder and lightning. Though I had an umbrella in the truck I decided not to use it. The parking lot was quite full, so I did have to park a little far from the entrance. I took my time walking to the door and along the way my t-shirt got pretty wet. The cool theater air made my nipples stand up at attention when I walked in. I was so horny thinking about the feeling of sitting there in a wet shirt, wishing my jeans and "panties" would have gotten wet also. I also was wishing I could have done that in a nice thin sundress and sandals instead of my male clothes. Oh well, maybe someday.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Wishing won't get your jeans and panties as wet as peeing. Yeah, much nicer in a sundress and sandals.

i like going to the movies watching a fun one or a scary one , a big drink and see if i can make it thru the whole movie before i wet my diaper or pants ...and i am looking for a girl that would like to join me and have a wet time together , ,i am in albuquerque, nm,,,, and you are in?