Desperation And Public Wet Pants Accidents....

Hi everyone, Wet Pants Mike here from Livermore, CA. I love filling up on ice tea. waiting till I'm wiggling and squirmin and then go out to some place public like a mall or store...Love walking around totally desperate doing the pee pee dance and the looks i get...My favorite is to stop and the mall map and try to find the bathroom....Almost alwasy someone will notice my desperation and ask if I need some help...sometimes even offering to take me there. The best is when they take me in the wrong direction......then I know they want to see I don't disappoint them..Just this week 4 girls came up to me and told me I look like I was going tpo wet my pants...I moaned and apologized for my being I said that I spurted and made a small wet spot on my jeans....Their eyes got big.....and saif we'dbetter hurry..anoff we the wrong direction...I mad it aboutn half way and stopped...and began to flood my jeans.....the wet spot spread accross my crotch and down my legs.....they really seemed into.....I apologized again and we continued to the bathroom.....I so want tofind more friend here in the SF Bay Are who would like to watch me, maybe join me or better yet make me have embarrassing accidents...I'm going to LV next week.......can't wait to do it
WetPantsMike WetPantsMike
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2 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Thanks for your comment...I used to travel to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin on a regular basis and have had wet pants accidents in every mall in those bad I don't travel any I have changed jobs.....but if I ever do......I will send you a message....would love to go out!!!!

IF you ever *** to Texas PLEASE message me!!! Definately need to go shopping! ;-)