Not Entirely Planned.

Its the day before finals start and i'd been studding all day. I also had been drinking copious amounts of liquid and i may have forgot to use the restroom a few times ;). Here at college i've had to put kind of a hold on my habit. Better to say i've slowed down. I still hold it but i try not to wet my pants as much. Its difficult to hide here.

So it had been about 8 hours and i was pushing my limit. I decided to go to the bathroom and just then one of the girls in my dorm went in for a shower. I danced outside of the door banging on it for a bit but to no avail. I decided to wait in the dorm for a while, how long could a college girl shower for?

Half an hour i was dying. Shaking and jumping frantically in my tan short shorts. I decided to make a run for the nearest public bathroom, about a 5 minute walk.

Looking back im surprised i didn't **** myself walking there. I really tried to hold it, i REALLY DID. But the second i got into the bathroom it just started coming out. By the time i was in the stall it was dripping down my legs making a huge puddle on the bathroom floor. I stopped struggling with my shorts and just let the rest go.

Now I had a situation. Soaked shorts, minutes away from home, in public. I tried to dry myself off with the blower in the bathroom, didn't work. I tried to text a friend to bring me new pants, no service. I was totally screwed. I decided finally to just make a run for it. Due to some skillful avoidance's, and the back entrance i made it back arousing no suspicion.

I hope.
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you just aroused me lol<br />
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